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In Toulouse, moderate following the resignation of Kader Arif support – The World

In Toulouse, moderate following the resignation of Kader Arif support – The World

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Kader Arif, on 21 November.

“This is my friend and will remain in these difficult times. Now it’s up to him to defend himself. There are real bargains and then there those launched by elected right who think only of political games. In my opinion, Kader is a victim of it. “ François Briancon, former deputy Peter Cohen, PS mayor defeated in the last election, is an old companion of Kader Arif, who resigned from his post as Secretary of State for Veterans , Friday, Nov. 21.

In Toulouse, the PS greenhouse also nicely ranks around him who had climbed the ladder of politics. Joined the Socialist Party in 1983, graduated in communication, Kader Arif has worked with Lionel Jospin in 1987. In 1999 he became first secretary of the Federation of PS Haute-Garonne and was reelected in 2005. He then combines the mandates – MEP of the great Southwest, delegate councilor of Toulouse and vice president of the urban community. Elected member of the 10 th district of Haute-Garonne in June 2012 when he was already a minister, he left his seat to his deputy.


In other words, at both local and national level, he became a heavyweight of the party. For a former militant socialist past since in The Greens, “Kader is a typical example of the apparatchik: ambitious, talker, he cleverly managed to put across and climb the ladder” . The side of local politicians and socialist activists, comments are few, however. Sebastian Vincini, the new and young first federal secretary – who says “At this stage, I do not want to comment” – Peter Cohen, the former mayor of the city – which did not respond to our calls – the discomfort is more than noticeable

Martin Malvy, President PS of the Midi-Pyrenees region, for its part, responded in a statement late afternoon. -Midi. He reminded them that: “Several members of governments have taken the same decision as announced this morning by Kader Arif following the opening of a preliminary investigation and despite the presumption of innocence must remain the basis even comment. As to references made by some in the past by the region with the AWF (…) markets, they have been after approval of the Tenders Committee, which includes members from elected opposition in all transparency and (…) they do not concern Arif. “

Vincent Terrail-Noves, the mayor of Balma and member of the UMP group in the regional council, which is the origin of the ” report “ parquet supposed suspicions of favoritism to relatives of the Secretary of State with the region, “on the question of why he resigned, since he was not directly implicated. It is quite incomprehensible. That said, I am pleased that the investigation continues and advance. This proves that our case is serious and he questions the judges after the search department. “ This means, the case would have much wider ramifications than the regional level, evoking a kind of ” Bygmalion PS “ directly affecting Francois Hollande.

Tonight, Kader Arif has canceled his attendance at the opening of an exhibition in the library of the Toulouse suburbs. The artist René Apallec presents its series “Faces broken” as part of the commemorations of the war of 1914-1918.


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