Saturday, April 2, 2016

Paris: the police officer filmed hitting a high school student sent to court – Le Point

A police officer involved in a video where we see him hit a high school student in Paris on the sidelines of demonstrations against the bill work on March 24, was referred by the prosecutor before the Criminal Court, a-t- said Saturday a judicial source. After 48 hours of detention at the General Inspectorate for the National Police (IGPN) this peacekeeper 26 years was notified by prosecutors convocation in May before the criminal court. There appear to voluntary violence by person holding public authority.

Filmed on March 24 near the Henri Bergson high school in the 19th arrondissement, the video shows a 15-year land survey by a police officer telling him “Get up!”. While in the process of recovering, supported by two police officers on peacekeeping struck him a violent blow. The officer confronted the high school during his custody Friday. It was also subject to judicial review with disqualification pending his judgment, said the judicial source.

“excessively brutal and disproportionate Intervention” (CIPF)

the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he was “shocked” and requested the opening of an administrative investigation, always IGPN. The Paris police headquarters had said that high school students threw missiles at police vehicles and instigating violence. The day after the events, young people were taken to two police stations in Paris, in the 10th and 19th districts, including throwing projectiles on the facades and trying to break the bulletproof glass of the local police.

the Paris prosecutor opened a second investigation after the release of two other videos including shots where a plainclothes policeman, face hidden by a scarf and a hood, giving batons to students, always before the Bergson school on 24 March. Two new complaints were also filed Friday by the students of this school. One of them, arrested March 24, reported police violence during police custody. He was indicted for his involvement in incidents. The prosecution opened another investigation into the new allegations of police violence, said the judicial source.

The FCPE (parents) of the Bergson school had criticized “an excessively brutal and disproportionate intervention police “and asked” the dropping of all charges “against the teenager. Thousands of school and university students demonstrated against the law work alongside unions. Two new days of mobilization are announced on 5 and April 9

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