Saturday, April 2, 2016

Labor law: the new “outraged” French remain mobilized – Le Figaro

PICTURES – The security forces carried out a new evacuation Saturday morning of demonstrators who occupied the Place de la Republique in Paris for opposing Labour law, the second day of the “Night Stand” operation. A call for a new rally Saturday afternoon was launched.

For the second consecutive night, the Place de la Republique in Paris hosted the “outraged” at the French. Friday, a new appeal was launched at a gathering on the Paris market throughout the night, in the image of the occupation of the previous day, as part of the mobilization against the Labour Law.

in the evening, the Twitter account of the gathering shared a photo of the Republic square showing several hundreds gathered. “A huge trade crowd and debate Republic Square”, welcomed the message, referring to the night of the “32 March”, the name adopted by the protesters to speak the day after the demonstration of 31 March.

“We wanted to extend the event,” explained Friday afternoon at Le Figaro a member of the collective “Tuning struggles”, which is responsible for the logistics of gathering. “We set up the logisitiques means for people to meet and discuss about what they have in common. After the parade, now is not going home. “

Throughout the night, dozens of people remained on site. They were evacuated at dawn by police in the quiet, as was the case yesterday. “80 militants were evacuated at 5:25, the evacuation went well,” said a police source told AFP. The gathering of the Republic Square was “not allowed”, the source said.

“New evacuation underway. The authority does not like protesters take her places, “tweeted former NPA spokesman Olivier Besancenot Saturday morning after attending the gathering. He called for the “recovery of the Republic Square at 14h with the Right to Housing,” which organizes, along with other associations and unions rally against the evictions, the day after the end of the winter break.

the first “night upright” took place in the night of Thursday to Friday in the wake of the protest against the Labour law. Fifty protesters had spent the night instead of the Republic, participating in debates, conferences and projections had been dislodged by the police Friday morning.

The mobilization against the project bill work has gained momentum Thursday despite government concessions on the text: between 390,000 people according to the authorities, 1.2 million, including 200,000 young people, according to organizers, marched in 250 cities, “with several thousand work stoppages, “the call of seven trade unions and students (CGT, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, LDIFs, UNL). Several shows were interspersed with clashes with security forces who arrested more than a hundred people. During the previous day of action on March 9, the call of the same organizations, authorities had counted 224,000 demonstrators and the organizers between 400,000 and 500,000.


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