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Tuesday, April 5, pupils and students are  given new appointment in the street

“anyway, it was not enough to hold a blockade” Tuesday, April 5, the fifth day of mobilization against the bill work, Paul-Valéry high school in the 11 th arrondissement of Paris, opened normally. arrived 6 pm 30 block, Roman, Loan and Antony, all three aged 16, found themselves facing plainclothes police. Not far away, at Arago high school, some students who were determined to block their establishment also tell have got a reception committee and identity check at dawn.

The beginning of the day of Action gives a taste of the following: in Paris as elsewhere, the mobilization is less strong than earlier, while the police presence is more important. For pupils and students, it is to maintain pressure against the labor law, between the two days of strikes and demonstrations with employees: one, successful, Thursday, and that, come, from Saturday to as well as youth organizations met on Wednesday Myriam El-Khomri with other ministers.

mobilization and Drop ‘change in strategy’

the Marais, in Paris, Sophie Germain schools, Charlemagne and Victor Hugo were again conducted blockages. But at national level, if the National Union schoolgirl (UNL) blocked lists 150 schools, almost as much as Thursday, the Ministry of Education not identified in 34, against 176 at the last day.

for some students, with the start of the bin language tests, mobilization was anyway less important than usual in eastern Paris. At Hélène Boucher high school, decision was taken at a general meeting not to block today. “With the approach of examinations, we decided this time to change strategy, to focus the discussion to mobilize and convince says Achille, 18, a regular member of the coordinating AG interlycéenne high schools in the area. O n will see what happens in terms of mobilization. “

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” This is not only the El Khomri law that we have a problem says Achilles, that’s what social model exceeded they propose, and that the law embodies. “ With friends, he now participates in debates Republic Square in the movement Night Stand.

Two processions, two atmospheres …

at the stroke of 11 am, several hundred students are on the Place de la Nation. At subway exits, many police officers searched their bags. Around the statue are distributed legal information sheets and names of lawyers to contact in case of problems.

On the boulevard Diderot, the procession that starts very quickly stopped by a cordon of CRS . The atmosphere heats up. Projectiles are launched by hooded protesters are surrounded and charged several times by the police. While the rest of the demonstrators continued his way calmly towards the Place de la Bastille, a hundred participants, mostly young secondary school students, will remain for two hours caught in a police trap. They are eventually released in a trickle, eyes red from tear gas and sometimes injured. “The police state that silences us” loose one of them. In total, the police show in the late afternoon having made 148 arrests in the Paris area, mostly for identity checks, during the high school event and during the few clashes after the parade in the afternoon. Eleven police custody were prolonged late afternoon, police said AFP.

In the early afternoon, the atmosphere of the event “official” that rallies Bastille to Denfert-Rochereau, is joyful and sophomoric. The few self seeking confrontation by head of the procession, and less tight rows do not undermine the determination of the demonstrators. New slogans are heard: “The bourgeoisie RMI, management at RSA! “, or” youth in the galley, the old in misery, that society, we do not want it! “ The many protesters Paris-VIII sing:” And the street is that it? It is ours. And our future, it is to whom? It is ours! “

” The mobilization of Saturday will be decisive “

” I came not for personal interest but by solidarity “, testifies Nicolas Fernandez, engineering student at the school of public works (ESTP), whose graduates almost all hired permanently at the exit of the school. “ But I know the pain to those who are less fortunate in their training. It’s already hell with deregulation of labor as it is today and this will make the situation of young people without training even more vulnerable, such as Italy or Spain “ says the young man. The approach is the same for Jeanne Boursier, math student in the first year of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Cachan, came under the banner of his school with forty classmates: “As students, we are both students and employees and we are not affected today. But we must show solidarity and defend our ideas. The private sector is attacked today and tomorrow, as on pensions, it will be the public sector.

Signs and banners also manage to repeat:” No to the labor law, it is not cattle “, ” our sacrifices , your profits “,” lost his life to win, no thank you! “ or ” Valls, we’ll precarious thy law! “

If the demonstrators are less numerous than during the great day of interprofessional strike and demonstration on 31 March, William Martinet says” the movement continues today and c is mobilizing young people and workers Saturday will be decisive. “

in the morning, the national student coordination, which brings together 70 institutions, called for new mobilizations not only Saturday 9, and also the 12, 14 and 20 April, with the goal of “indefinite strike” and amplification. “The government says we are diehards, but a survey shows that 72% of young people support the mobilization reports Mathieu Bauhain, National Secretary of the Union of Communist Students. According to Guardian Generation Y has lost 20% of purchasing power compared to his older, and 40% + 5 bins are unemployed one year after graduation. Students are they really so privileged when it takes them three years on average after graduation to find their first CDI? “


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