Thursday, January 29, 2015

After the attacks, the French prefer security to freedom – L’Express

After the attacks, the French prefer security to freedom – L'Express

A study by Ipsos on behalf of World and Europe 1 returns to the reactions of the French after the attacks in Paris. Religion, security, policy measures to deal with terrorism: Lessons are numerous.

• More security, less freedom

One of the most striking results is the desire to see a strengthening security policies: 90% of those surveyed are in favor of the “forfeiture of French nationality hence do jihad in Syria,” 89% want to “restrict freedom of opinion on the Internet if spread jihadist ideas.”

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Less marked, but still a majority in their wishes, the possibility without prior agreement of a magistrate to generalize tapping (71 %) or search (67%). Until the interviewing of suspects that more than three in five French respondents (61%) conceived without the assistance of a lawyer.

• Islam and the Republic

Despite the attacks by jihadists claiming of radical Islam, almost half of respondents (47 %) believe that Islam is compatible with the values ​​of French society: it is almost two times more than two years ago (25%) according to the pollster. In the same issue, the Catholic religion (93%) and Jewish (81%), however, would score much higher.

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On jihadism, a third of respondents believe that “even if it is not his main message, the Islam still carries in himself germs of violence and intolerance. ” But the remaining two thirds see it “as a pacifist religion than others” and “a perversion of the religion” in the emergence of jihadism.

The practice of Islam nevertheless seems complicated in France: only 59% considered satisfactory conditions for its exercise, against 85% for the Jewish religion and 91% for Catholicism.

• Keep the army abroad

Another finding of the survey: fewer than one in ten French (9%) wish that France disengages the theaters of military operations outside France. The French go even further: exactly half of respondents claimed an increased level of military engagement against jihadism.

65% of respondents want that France “intervene more directly” in Syria in particular, as part of an international coalition.

• Other lessons

In the sentiments found in the results dominate the “anger” at 72%, the “disgust” at 51%, but also “afraid” to 24% ending the leading trio. After the Republican march of January 11, they are 59% to have felt the “fraternity”.

As for the cartoons, more than half of French respondents (53%) approve of their publication while less than one in ten (9%) totally opposed. Between the two, 38% disapprove of the cartoon but recognize the importance of freedom of expression.

Method : survey after the attacks in Paris, on 21 and 22 January 2015 with 1003 people over 18 years.


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