Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deadly avalanche. Six skiers swept in Queyras – Ouest-France

Deadly avalanche. Six skiers swept in Queyras – Ouest-France

The six skiers, four men and two women, left Saturday morning for a hike of Ceillac. All were experienced, aged 58 to 73 years, members of the Alpine Club, regulars of this massive Queyras they live for some.

According to the prefect of the Hautes-Alpes, Pierre Besnard, in an interview BFMTV , all were found dead. Three last night, victims of a large snow slide that began in their path, “not a small avalanche but a front plate which caused a very, very long casting, very wide,” said Reeve me . These walkers wore Arva tags, which assisted in the location of the body.

Mountain Dogs

“Research have stopped around 1 am because of weather conditions difficult, which made the work of perilous rescue, “ said the prefect.

When the helicopter from Briançon has once again been able to operate, the other three bodies were been located. 18 rescue workers, supported by a helicopter and two dog teams, came with a malinois shepherd and a German shepherd wolf, known for their highly developed sense of smell, combed the area.

Very experienced

The six hikers from the municipalities of Vars, Guillestre and Argentière-la-Bessée Hautes-Alpes, “knew very well the mountain”, added préfet.Ils had begun their ascent to the ski lifts of Ceillac station. They were found in the valley of Bachas at 2500 meters altitude.Leur return hike was expected Saturday. The alert was issued at 17h by their relatives, anxious not to see them return. “When they left, the sky was clear and the risk of avalanche estimated at 3 out of 5″, said the prefecture of Hautes-Alpes.

517 dead in 2014-2015

Since the beginning of the winter season 2014-2015, 17 people died in avalanches in France , according to data from the National Association for the Study of Snow and Avalanche (Anena). “This is the deadliest avalanche since that of 2011, which killed five members of the Club French Alps near Bourg Saint Pierre, Switzerland “ recalled the director of Anena Dominique Létang.


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