Wednesday, January 28, 2015

At 8, he was summoned to the police to act apology … – TF1

At 8, he was summoned to the police to act apology … – TF1

He was only 8 years old, but just to be heard in a matter of act of apology terrorism . A student Nice CE2 has indeed been summoned to the police for saying “I’m not Charlie, I’m with the terrorists,” reports Le Parisien . This is the principal of the school who decided to report the incident to the authorities.

“In the current context, the school principal decided to report what happened to the police,” the Commissioner Authier, noting that it This is no complaint. The child and his parents are visited Nice station on Wednesday with their lawyer.

“the child and his father was summoned to try to understand commentun 8 year old boy may have to hold about as radical,” says Authier Commissioner. The child was heard for 30 minutes, then played with toys during the hearing of his father, civilly liable. “Obviously, the child does not understand what he said. It is not known where he went to get his words,” the departmental director of public safety.

“It’s absurd!”

Counsel for the child, Mr. Guez Sefen Guez who could not be reached Wednesday night tweeted under the pseudonym “Ibn Salah S.” two sets of questions and answers heard during the hearing. The child said especially not knowing the meaning of the word terrorism.

“This is crazy, this is a child of 8 years, this procedure is completely disproportionate,” said the lawyer in The Parisian . “The police asked him what the word meant terrorism, he was quite unable to respond. We took seriously the words of a 8 year old who does not understand what he says. This is absurd” , he added. The Nice prosecution must now determine what follow up to this case.


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