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Valls high school students: “Get used to living with the threat of terrorism” –

Valls high school students: "Get used to living with the threat of terrorism" –

“Your generation must learn to live” with the terrorist threat says Manuel Valls to high school students Credit: Christophe Ponzio / RTL
with Christophe Ponzio, Fanny Bonjean

Manuel Valls is known for his straight-talking. Tuesday, January 20, he had created controversy by claiming that there was in France a “territorial apartheid, social, ethnic.” This Friday, January 23, is frankly it reminded the students that they had to “learn to live” with the terrorist threat.

That threat still exists today (.. .) because all the accomplices, not all networks may have been dismantled yet

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“Your generation, your age group should get used to living with this danger and for a number of years” has he told the students of an agricultural high school in Seine-et-Marne.

“I do not want me to hide anything, it is this threat and teachers need to know. And that threat still exists today related to what happened there ten days because all accomplices, all networks have perhaps not been broken yet, “he added , referring to the attacks in the Paris area the week of January 5, 2015.

No lifting of Vigipirate scheduled

If the perpetrators of these attacks have been killed, the police continue to investigate the jihadist networks in France and on the possible existence of accomplices. Four people have also been indicted suspected of aiding Amedy Coulibaly.

Asked about the Vigipirate, Manuel Valls replied that “the device [was] last as long as necessary.” To enhance security, Prime Minister announced the creation of 1,400 jobs under the Ministry of the Interior (including 1,100 for the only information) and 425 million credits over three years for investments and equipment.

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