Saturday, January 24, 2015

“Apartheid” in France: Valls supported by 54% of French – L’Express

"Apartheid" in France: Valls supported by 54% of French – L'Express

French behind Manuel Valls. A majority (54% against 45%) believe that the Prime Minister was right to say that there is in France a “territorial apartheid, social and ethnic” according to a survey released Friday * Odoxa by Le Parisien .

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In detail, 73% of leftist sympathizers give reason for Manuel Valls and 40? % of right-wing sympathizers.

Manuel Valls favorite against Nicolas Sarkozy

According to the same survey, 57% of French believe that Nicolas Sarkozy “was wrong to criticize the government” on security measures and that “these words break national unity.” A quarter of the right sympathizers disapprove the attitude of the president of the UMP. France 2, the former head of state had called “fault” the words of the Prime Minister. Which was then told that the policy must be “small strides.”

If they had to choose between Nicolas Sarkozy and Manuel Valls, 52% of French believe that the Prime Minister is the most likely to “propose effective measures to ensure their safety” (against 47% for Nicolas Sarkozy).

This is the popularity of Manuel Valls from the right sympathizers that allows him to win the duel. Indeed, 16% of them have lost faith in Manuel Valls in the field of security against 8% of supporters left making more confidence in Nicolas Sarkozy.

* survey by the internet January 22 and 23 among a sample of 1,015 people over 18 years representative of the population (quota method).


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