Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Partial legislation: Valls calls for “the spirit of January 11″ – Le Point

Partial legislation: Valls calls for "the spirit of January 11″ – Le Point

Manuel Valls has launched Tuesday night in Audincourt (Doubs) an urgent appeal to rally the electorate to the left in anticipation of Sunday’s partial legislative, also delivering a strong plea for the defense of the values ​​of the Republic, as secularism. “You can help! Be proud of that France January 11, which was found and that we cherish. Be proud of this left that we stand for, this left that confronts the real with the strength of his ideal,” he told Prime Minister before an audience of a thousand people. If the French have shown in large numbers on January 11, has he said, “it’s not for a few days here we abstain massively.”

Manuel Valls came support Frédéric Barbier, PS candidate in the fourth district of Doubs for parliamentary seat left vacant by the departure of Pierre Moscovici as European Commissioner. “The left is strong, not when it is for itself, not when it divides,” Manuel Valls urged in his speech briefly disrupted by a rowdy few notaries protesting against on initiatives in the law Macron liberalization of the economy.


The beginning of his speech had previously been delayed by a power outage for about an hour, which plunged in darkness the room where it happens, with the sound turned off, forcing Manuel Valls to wait in a nearby room. This action was claimed by the National Mining Energy Federation (FNME) CGT to protest against energy transition law, “a good idea, but with very bad solutions.” Some unidentified disruptors have finally been urged to leave the room during the speech of Manuel Valls.

Frédéric Barbier “is the only one that can allow the left to win the second round. It is the alone, “insisted earlier Manuel Valls told reporters, calling as” the gathering of all voters Left “around the PS candidate, to block the candidate of the UMP and the FN. Frédéric Barbier admitted himself expect results “extremely tight”.

This by-election, with a possible second round on February 8 is the fourteenth general election of this kind since 2012, which have so far all been lost by the Socialists. With its strong popularity bounce in the polls, as well as that of François Hollande, after the attacks in early January and the events that followed, Manuel Valls intends to end this series of electoral setbacks.

“Repair” company “fractured”

He gave himself for it in an impassioned plea to the action of its government and its determination to preserve the “spirit of January 11 “, particularly focusing his speech on a firm defense of the values ​​of the Republic, such as secularism. “You have to vote to defend the values ​​of the Republic, the Republic as we defend the Republic with its firmness, the Republic with secularism, the Republic struggling against injustice,” he told the Prime Minister.

“When a class can not teach the Holocaust (…) it is a failure for the entire national community. And when a child means the Jew as the enemy is also a failure for all of us, “he continued. “The fundamental difference between what is freedom of expression (…) and that the offense is advocating terrorism or incitement to racial hatred is a fundamental debate and we must take it back, we must not let anything pass. In a fractured society, it repairs it with values, “stressed the Prime Minister.


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