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Historic rise in the number of road deaths – Les Echos

Historic rise in the number of road deaths – Les Echos

To stop this bad trend, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve Monday to present a new series of measurements. One of them concerns drinking and driving


An increase in those we did not expect necessarily. Bernard Cazeneuve Monday will announce an increase in the number of deaths on French roads in 2014, the first year of growth for twelve years, and present a new series of measures.

The Minister Interior will address Monday at the office of the National Council for Road Safety. He must announce that between 120 and 140 more deaths were recorded in 2014 compared to 2013, according to three reliable sources close to the road safety interviewed by AFP. This is the first annual increase since 2001.

The number of road deaths fell by 10.5% in 2013, reaching a new record low since 1948, the year of the first statistics. There had been killed in 2013 or 3268 403 lives saved a year.

The government had posted last year a target of reducing to 2,000 deaths a year on routes in 2020.

With few exceptions, such as 2001, the number of road deaths has been declining steadily since 1973. That year, the authorities had identified more than 18,000 deaths in France. Mortality has been divided by five in a little over forty years in France.

“Unacceptable because qu’évitable”

“The minister will announce a rise in mortality after 12 years of decline. This rise is all the more unacceptable it was avoidable, “responded to AFP Chantal Perrichon, president of the League against road violence.

” This rise is the responsibility of the public authority that has announced no new measures since March 2013, “and the radar set-up of the third generation in unmarked cars, says Perrichon.

To reduce deaths on the roads, the League against road violence calls for the rapid establishment of a law banning radar detectors, the transition from 90 to 80 km / h the speed limit on the network French secondary or the prohibition of phone practice driving, including the use of bluetooth.

For Pierre Chasseray, association 40 million motorists, this increase should be put into perspective: “In terms of road deaths, 2014 is the second best year since statistics exist,” said he told AFP

To curb this increase in mortality, the Minister shall submit on Monday a new series of measures, according to a spokesman for the ministry. One of them is drinking and driving, according to several sources corroborating relatives.

Positive outcome of speed reduction in Paris

Minister has already repeated a general decrease in the speed limit of 90 km / h to 80 km / h on two-way roads recommended by the National Council road safety (NSRC) was excluded. This limitation will be tested on a few sections.

After a year of entry into force, the Paris City Hall and police headquarters fired on Monday a “very positive” of reduction of 80 to 70 km / h maximum speed on the device with a 15% decline in the number of accidents reported, and an increase in the average speed.


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