Friday, January 23, 2015

Bettencourt affair: Courbit makes 143 million to the Bettencourt family – L’Express

Bettencourt affair: Courbit makes 143 million to the Bettencourt family – L'Express

“An act of peace.” Stéphane Courbit, one of the defendants in the trial Bettencourt-which begins Monday in Bordeaux has agreed to make some 143.7 million euros (plus interest) that Liliane Bettencourt had invested in the group of audiovisual contractor.

In exchange, the Bettencourt family agreed not to bring a civil action, according to several sources. The agreement came after several weeks of negotiations, and concerns the restitution in two of the sum paid in controversial conditions which has focused justice.

Weakened psychologically

This investment in the company Lov Group Industry Stéphane Courbit had been made twice in December 2010 and the spring of 2011, Liliane Bettencourt which, according to experts, was already psychologically weakened at that time.

At the end of this “settlement agreement”, the Bettencourt family and Stéphane Courbit “put an end to the dispute between them, the investment result achieved Liliane Bettencourt in the group”, and L’Oreal heiress “fully out of the capital of Lov Group Industry” indicate in a joint statement the two parties.

As a result of this agreement, “we withdraw our civil action” against Stéphane Courbit and “we will inform the court on Monday the completion of this agreement,” said AFP Benoit Ducos -Ader, one of Bordeaux lawyers billionaire.

Five-week trial to come on Monday

This act of “peace” between Bettencourt and legal Stéphane Courbit however does not change anything at this stage to public action and prosecution against the businessman, who will appear from Monday to Bordeaux for abuse of weakness.

Stéphane Courbit is one of the ten defendants tried starting Monday, and five weeks before the Criminal Court of Bordeaux in the main pane of the Bettencourt case involving alleged abuse of weaknesses in the expense of the billionaire.


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