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Macron law: three discord – The World

Macron law: three discord – The World

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The economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, received by the Finance Committee of the Assembly, on 15 January.

The right, meanwhile, plans to step into the breach to defend the regulated professions, including the terms of exercise and pricing will profoundly evolve. It should also expect an offensive Greens about the provisions relating to housing and environmental law.

  • Sunday work in shops

This will probably be the most difficult part of the text to be addressed to Mr. Macron. Because it unites against him part of the left. One provision that causes coughing concerns “Sunday of the mayor”. At present, these elected may authorize the outlets located on the territory of their town to open five Sundays in the year. The bill extends this right to twelve Sunday. In the initial version of the text, it was expected that five of the twelve Sundays must be granted, but Mr. Macron agreed to remove the “hard quota” and municipalities are free to place the cursor where they wish, depending on business needs. Moreover, beyond five Sundays, they should seek the opinion of intercommunal to which they are attached.

Still, the device even so revamped cringe in the group PS: “It is something that is a trivialization” had estimated Karine Berger, Member of the French Alps, in the work of the Special Committee. “We will ask us to stay five Sundays and there is a floor of remuneration equal to twice the usual salary” told AFP, January 20, Christian Paul , one of the figures of the “rebellious” and elected in Nièvre

Another article inspires strong reservations among some socialists, but also in other parts of the left. one who creates tourist areas International (ZTI) to allow businesses that are there to depart from the rule of Sunday rest – provided that the social partners have signed an agreement. In these establishments, personal may be employed until midnight, with a doubling – at least – the wage for hours worked from 21 hours and the assumption by the employer of the cost of returning to their home. Parisian elected regret that the scope of these ZTI be traced by state services and not by the local authorities.

Finally, in Chapter labor law, the bill changes the rules a social plan in a company. Today, it is required to comply with an order in dismissals based on various criteria (age, seniority, family responsibilities, etc.). Now, these settings can be applied to an area less than that of the company – for example, an institution. A provision less likely to protect “most fragile” in the eyes of slingers.

  • Regulated Professions

The line is very critical of this aspect of the text. It aims to take better account of “relevant costs” to set rates while associating the Competition Authority in the price setting process. Below a certain threshold, they will remain fixed for the acts of everyday life (family law, etc.); beyond, they will oscillate around a reference value. The “discounts” will, in the future, permitted (a fixed amount for certain operations). And rates will be brought to public attention (display, website …). Several UMP see a “return to command economy” and think that the notion of “relevant costs” , very difficult to identify, will generate endless litigation .

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  • Planning and Environment

The provisions on these two subjects are at the origin of the biggest clashes during the work of the Special Committee. Cécile Duflot (Greens, Paris) blasted Article reducing the protections granted to tenants who have to leave their homes as a result of a split sales (lot by lot sale of a building owned by a private investor). She also warned about the measures for the development of the intermediate housing. Finally, it was fiercely opposed to the passages of the bill that empower the government to legislate by decree to – among others – to change the rules “in the environmental assessment of projects (.. .) and construction management programs and “. It is as if the government wanted to imply that “environment, it starts to get it” , was she indignantly.


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