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Macron law: a text that beats several records – The World

Macron law: a text that beats several records – The World

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The Finance Committee received the Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron.

Members will have had a week’s rest before diving snorkeling in the legislative bath. After an unusually long debate commission (eighty-four hours), the second act of the bill for the growth and activity opens Monday, January 26 afternoon in public at the National Assembly. Two weeks are planned to review the text that many already consider a parliamentary record.

Enter with 106 articles in special commission on January 12, the Macron law emerged Monday 19 at 3 am morning after almost doubled in size, now 209 strong articles. The never-seen since the beginning of the V th Republic, rushed forward elected to the short memory. Now, there are less than four months in late September 2014, the bill on energy transition had already spent 64 to 124 products after its review in committee. But the record remains assigned to the Grenelle II law of July 2010 increased from 190 to 255 items in committee, the text stood on pages 283, against 185 for the Macron law

In addition to its thickness it. can also boast an impressive number of magnetic amendments. For consideration in committee, 1861 have been filed, of which nearly a third finally adopted (although 405 of the 495 amendments came from the Government or the rapporteur of the text). In the public session, just over 3,000 had already been filed Monday morning. In absolute terms, nothing compares to the more than 5,000 opposition amendments filed on the law opening marriage and adoption to same-sex couples in 2013, or the approximately 137,000 left on the text Gaz de France privatization in September 2006

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Technical Amendments

Except that this time it is not obstruction with dozens of identical amendments, but technical amendments, logically the next tote Macron bill that covers a lot of areas different and complex. This is why the president of the special commission, François Brottes (PS, Isère), held in “ensure that the debate takes place line by line, there is no . slaughter “

In the Chamber, the work will necessarily less careful as time-limited; the procedure of “programmed legislative time” has been initiated, the discussion will not be continued beyond fifty hours. This time, however, not take into account the catch word of the government, group presidents, rapporteurs or committee chairs … Finally, the margin for error is not allowed since the government initiated the “fast track” on this text, which means only one reading per room is planned. It would be almost miraculous that the text is not part retoqué by the Constitutional Council, if it had before

Under the same procedure. – More systematically engaged, despite warnings many parliamentarians – the text preparation time before coming to Parliament was also extremely small. Presented by the Cabinet on December 10, the text was considered only a month later in committee of the Assembly, Christmas holidays included. A precipitation record

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