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Valls: the young generation called to have to live with the danger of … –

Valls: the young generation called to have to live with the danger of … –

Recently criticized by former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy to have used the term “apartheid” Manuel Valls , however, wants a minister does not wish to conceal apparent truths. And if he remains faithful to the idea that discrimination formed in the suburbs, the Prime Minister appears also determined on the issue of terrorism .

So, when to a speech Friday in an agricultural high school in Seine-et-Marne, Manuel Valls told the students present that “[their] generation must learn to live with this danger [note: terrorism] for a number years “

Manuel Valls. Vigipirate maintained a

On this occasion, the Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of Agriculture and spokesman Government Stéphane Le Foll and by the Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. On the subject of Vigipirate device raised by a high school student, Manuel Valls said that it “will last as long as necessary” .

A very real terrorist threat according to Prime Minister

This antiterrorist government plan was strengthened to its highest level since the attacks which heavily affected France in the second week of January (17 victims). Events which are also responsible for the creation of 1,400 positions, including Le Point reports that they are “dependent [s] of the Ministry of the Interior.” Retaining its position realism vis-à-vis terrorism, the Prime Minister added “do [...] not [want] to hide this threat, it exists and teachers need to know” .

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