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Paris: Hidalgo wants to ban the most polluting lorries from … – Le Parisien

Paris: Hidalgo wants to ban the most polluting lorries from … – Le Parisien

Jan 28 2015, 7:36 |. Update: 28 Jan 2015, 8:34

. A few days before the presentation at the Paris Council for its emission level, the PS mayor Anne Hidalgo explains, in an interview with, its flagship proposals in the fight against air pollution in the capital.

Starting with those for the most polluting vehicles. As mentioned in our columns there two months, the municipal majority wants to set up a “low emission zone” in which the movement of these vehicles, such as diesel fuel, would be gradually banned. First desired step by Anne Hidalgo: prohibition, from 1 July, to circulate in Paris for “buses and most polluting lorries.”

“And on July 1, 2016, based on the law of energy transition, the ban will apply to all the most polluting vehicles,” says the mayor, noting that “nearly 200 cities European “have already set up a” zone of low emissions. ” “We are determined to act quickly, because the fight against pollution by fine particles, due in particular to dieselisation fleet, is a major public health issue,” she said.

If the perimeter concerned is still under discussion with the state, Anne Hidalgo meant that the ban “is initially applicable to the whole of Paris, with the exception of the device and Paris wood.”

Objective: the end of the diesel Paris 2020

The socialist town councilor denies wanting to set up a “cleaver measure” that would prevent professionals transportation, such as delivery drivers to work. It confirms the establishment for them to “financial assistance for the purchase of a clean vehicle, which will be added to that of the state.” “The assistance of the authorities and representing 50% of the vehicle purchase price. And the remaining 50%, I would encourage the creation of a preferential credit, “explains Anne Hidalgo will” put around the table the Parisian banking sector and traders to move forward on these loans. “

As it had announced last month the mayor PS also reiterates its desire to eradicate diesel in Paris in 2020. “Yes, that is the goal. It is true that between vehicles in the late 1990s and the new diesels today, there are technological improvements. But the very fine particles – and most dangerous to health – are not captured by the most powerful filters, “she said. And again, Anne Hidalgo did not want to “be in logic of confrontation.” It wishes to support the conversion of manufacturers launching public orders with other French and European cities.

VIDEO. Anne Hidalgo, “It is time to get out of any diesel” (03/14)

Promoting electric vehicles

The Council of Paris on 9 and 10 February will focus also on a series of incentives for individuals and professionals: “We expect and financial aid for the purchase of a less-polluting vehicle (bike or car) but subscriptions Autolib ‘and repayment of Navigo pass. Financial support will be offered to condominiums to install charging stations for electric vehicles, or be equipped with secure bike shelters, “explains the mayor of Paris.

” We will further develop the network of Electric charging stations with attractive rates, increasing opportunities for car sharing Autolib ‘but also other companies working on longer trips. And we provide free parking to all persons entering and circulating in Paris with a clean vehicle, electric or rechargeable, with the ability to recharge gracefully night “

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