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Homage to Dutch victims of the Shoah in Paris before … – The Obs

Homage to Dutch victims of the Shoah in Paris before … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – “Conjurer barbarism and invent the future” at the Shoah Memorial in Paris, François Hollande came Tuesday to the “promise” that “the Republic would never forget” the victims of Shoah announcing a comprehensive plan to fight against racism and antisemitism.

The Head of State was speaking at the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, where he had to go in the afternoon, three weeks after the jihadist attacks in which four Jews were killed

“I make you this promise: the French Republic will never forget.”: the words of President resonate in the Memorial Court, pronounced a few meters away from the Wall of Names, these walls bearing the names of 76,000 men, women and children Jews deported from France between 1942 and 1944. Before him including several dozen deportees.

Mr. Holland had just gather in the crypt and let these words in the guest book: “The work of the memorial is essential for our time here memory is combined with reflection to ward barbarism and invent the future.” .

“You French Jewish, your place is here at home. France is your country,” he added. In the invited guests were the Chief Rabbi of France Haim Korsia and other representatives of the Jewish community, including the president of CRIF Roger Cukierman. Manuel Valls, the former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, the Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin, President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone were also present.

In France there are between 500,000 and 600,000 Jews, or the first Jewish community in Europe and the third in the world after Israel and the United States.

“The rise in anti-Semitic acts has been for years an intolerable reality,” the President, while the Council representative of Jewish Institutions in France on Tuesday released figures showing that the number of anti-Semitic incidents doubled (+ 101%) in 2014 compared to 2013 in France, even with a 130% increase in acts of physical violence.

– High school students’ smugglers’ history ‘-

In response, François Hollande has announced that the government would present “by the end of February a comprehensive plan to fight against Racism and anti-Semitism. ” “Security”, “transmission” to the younger generations and “regulation of digital” will be the principles of the plan.

Side sanctions, he wished the spread of racist and antisemitic characterization as an aggravating circumstance of a misdemeanor, and the will to get out the repression of racist and anti-Semitic speech of the right of the press to integrate the general criminal law. “Alternative sentences exemplary educational value will be delivered.

The history of the Holocaust, already in the CM2 program of the 3rd and 1st, will “be taught anywhere without restriction” and the national competition of the Resistance and Deportation will be expanded to more students.

slaying conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, Mr. Hollande has called for action “at European and even international level for a legal framework to be defined and the internet platforms running social networks are put in front their responsibilities and that sanctions be imposed for breaches. “

The head of state had previously met with five former prisoners and five high school students who work on the sites of memory in the “Children’s Memorial hall” where are displayed nearly 3,000 portraits of Jewish children and adolescents deported from France. One of the survivors, Raphael Esrail, born in 1925, president of the Union of Auschwitz deportees, says his deportation, typhus, Liberation, suppressing sobs. Then tell teenagers that their eyes were stinging.

“We are the last generation that have the chance to have a testimony of people who lived” the Holocaust, told AFP one of Students, Charles Combes, which is seen as a “smuggler of history”. “Keep Up!” they launched Francois Hollande.


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