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Antiterrorism: 5 indictments after the crackdown in Lunel –

Antiterrorism: 5 indictments after the crackdown in Lunel –

IFNU net Coup January 27, 2015 in Lunel (Hérault)

They will appear for “criminal association in view of the preparation of acts of terrorism.” The five men arrested on Tuesday, including Lunel (Hérault), in an investigation of a jihadist die to Syria, were indicted and imprisoned in Paris on the night of Friday to Saturday, January 31, do we learned from judicial source.

Aged between 26-44 years , the five were indicted for “criminal association for the preparation of acts of terrorism.”

Two suspects reportedly stays in Syria

Two are believed to have gone to Syria in held areas jihadists . One was arrested in Aimargues (Gard), have spent three months in Syria in late 2013 early 2014. The other arrested Caussiniojouls (Hérault), would have returned more recently.

The last three all arrested in Lunel (Hérault), are believed to have wanted to go to Syria and have sent the equipment on site. One of them is also suspected to have played a role relay in these departures for Syria, where two of his brothers were killed.

A young twenty Lunel went to jihad

A Lunel, twenty young people between 18 and 30 years have gone since October to fight in Syria, according to the elected representatives of this town of about 26,000 inhabitants. Six of them have died, according to the French authorities. The police operation was conducted Tuesday commission Parisian anti-terrorist judges.

3,000 people to watch in France

“If the involvement of suspects is confirmed by the courts, it will be a particularly dangerous and organized network that has been dismantled this morning , a more, “said Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve.

In the wake of the attacks committed in Paris in early January, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls had said last week that services terrorism had to monitor 3,000 suspected gravitate in the jihadist sphere.

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