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Death of José Artur, host of the “Pop Club” – The World

Death of José Artur, host of the "Pop Club" – The World

José Artur in 2011.

An unmistakable voice all, the ironic and sweet timbre, has just died. Companion of generations of listeners, radio personality after comedian José Artur, who died Saturday, January 24 at the age of 87, was above all a man of “Pop Club” which he produced and animated on France Inter from 1965 to 2005. A show-worship, broadcast live and late evening cocktail music and dialogues which he was eternal white scarf around the neck, the indefatigable officer.

Forty years, he received his Micro Night (Stock, 1974) thousands of guests, often already famous, often going to be, as its detection capability – talents, trends of the times … – was sharpened. The unmatched durability of the “Pop Club” is not the result of a lack of ideas of its creator, the opposite. Professional broad-spectrum, José Artur created and animated parallel other radio and collaborated on various television programs. He was the father of actress Sophie Artur and radio and television host David Artur.

Joker, allergic to any gravity

Born 20 May 1927 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), José Artur comes from a family of Breton origin and strict Catholic tradition, housewife, naval officer father and sub-prefect. From the age of 12 he is boarding with the Marist Brothers. He continued his secondary education during the occupation, mainly in various Catholic schools where he takes on the character of the student able but unwilling to any discipline.

The author of several books of memories (eg Talk me there’s only thing that interests me Robert Laffont, 1988), José Artur is not very talkative about his private and family life. We learn that he has eight siblings, he was – in addition to numerous connections – married several times, he separated in 1962 from Colette Castel actress, mother of Sophie Artur and s’ remarried in 1971 with Marie-Christine, mother of David. About his childhood, only one certainty emerges, default is that it has produced a serious allergic adult at all, joking unrepentant fond of caustic quotes and conforming to the maxim of La Bruyere, highlighted the same book “We must laugh before being happy”

From the beginnings to the theater and cinema

At 17, after witnessing the Liberation. Paris and he felt himself released from any obligation to attend school, he began to stand on its own. His dream is to be an actor. While occupying first job of messenger boy with a broker he took acting lessons. Through a friend of his father, it was his meeting with the famous actor Francois Perier, where he became the private secretary and with whom he struck up a friendship that really introduced into this medium. It is however to 19 and as a film actor José Artur gets his first public success in 1946 Mr. Orchid , René Clément film where he plays a young handsome durable. Two years later, he played in Theatre The Children Thief Jules Supervielle, in a staging by Raymond Rouleau. His career on the stage, especially alongside the actor and director Pierre Brasseur, became a close, will last ten years, until 1959 and will not face further episode.

cinema, however, will continue to appear even after becoming radio man. It totals about fifteen contributions, mostly small roles for friends filmmakers. Gay journalist sees it in Z Costa-Gavras (1969), he plays a police commissioner in Bel Junk Jean Marbeuf (1973), a priest in He Balboss (1975) of the filmmaker, a burlesque travesty in Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ , Jean Yanne (1982) … His latest role is that of . one in newsagent Lost in , Philippe Lioret (1994)

In the early 1960s José Artur made his debut on the airwaves – that will always be for him those of France Inter – in the morning show and a magazine program for young people. In February 1964, he was already known enough to become artistic director cruises liner France, a position he held until 1968. But his real launch – rather its rapid take-off – October 4, 1965 in the order of the first ” Pop Club “.

A must stars

The very word,” pop “, then unknown in France. Serving an eclectic cultural content, both public and pioneer, José Artur settles with this show absolutely new tone for the time, “connected” and “people” before the letter, mixture of insolence to elegance and casualness. It gives free rein to humor deadpan laugh, sometimes pest, which does not prevent installing without vulgarity some privacy with his interlocutors. All with the particular tension and authenticity of the line.
Musicians, singers, actors, visual artists, filmmakers, theater people, journalists, intellectuals parading to the microphone in a cock in ass permanent. The show quickly became a point of passage and a first step on the ladder of success. “Luxury Pipelette” as he refers to José Artur then welcome strangers who call Barbara, Paco Ibanez, Robert Charlebois, Michel Berger, Julien Clerc, Véronique Sanson, REGINE DEFORGES, Armand Gatti … The list would occupy a directory! Music, especially rock and jazz, plays a decisive role in the program, not only through the guests but also by the pop album of the week, launched the opening of the show. The archetype of pop record that the listener discovers? Hotel California , the Eagles in 1976. The “Pop Club” is also the springboard or the place of the affirmation of a string of major audiovisual professionals, assistants of the master of ceremonies. Enumeration not limited warranty: Claude Villers, Patrice Blanc-Francard Pierre Lattes, Eve Ruggieri, Gérard Klein, Bernard Lenoir …

In 1971, José Artur departed from the antenna for six months, accused of advertising illegal for quoting the microphone a vodka brand. The confreres and petitioning intelligentsia and he eventually reinstated. One decade to another, with more or less late hours and for periods varying according to the circumstances and directions, the Pop Club will persist and renew itself. The show features unforgettable and generic changing, including the famous “round the clock, life would be very hard …” by Les Parisiennes music by Claude Bolling and in the 1980s, that of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, “To forget the past, the future, here is the Pop Club José Artur …” The places of its realization are also changing: first the theater bar Le Ranelagh, then the “black bar” in the heart of the House radio; then the Fouquet’s on the Champs-Elysées, without forgetting the Palm Beach Hotel Cannes in summer, studios infinity instal led reportage and until the end of the show in 2005, the Publicis Drugstore.

“Every day, José Artur notes in one of his books, I work while having fun at the edge of the night, on the edge of the smiling insolence and apparent casualness bordering on indifference “. He is not working at the edge of the night as always imaginative and without releasing his Pop Club he enrolled to his list a series of other hit shows, names very “arturiens” How sweet it is nothing do; Flirtissimo; With or without sugar; Open table; At the lived … In Whom have I the honor? He shall, with the graphologist Noëlle Robert examining a handwritten letter, guess who his guest which it is separated by a curtain and whose voice is distorted. All Paris 1980 marched behind the curtain. Among the most recent issues, we must mention this is not dramatic (1996 to 2007), devoted to theatrical events, and the aptly named Steel, from 2006 to 2007.
in 2008 to 81 years Always on France Inter, micro Stéphane Bern, who later will welcome back in Le Fou du Roi, José Artur, this “chatty good listener,” as it was defined, fingered his human memories radio for five minutes every morning. The name of this final series: This is incredible



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