Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mélenchon is attempting a rapprochement with the Greens 2017 – Les Echos

Mélenchon is attempting a rapprochement with the Greens 2017 – Les Echos

In an interview with JDD, the leader of the Left Front says consider a joint bid with the Greens in the next presidential elections


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Riding on the success announced the Greek left party Syriza Mélenchon is reaching out to the former minister “green” Cécile Duflot. In the “Journal du Dimanche” on Sunday 25 January, the Left Front leader ensures that a joint application to the left of the PS can be “seen” on the occasion of the upcoming presidential election. “We must not shy away from this challenge,” says the former presidential candidate. “I want us to govern this country to rebuild Europe I always wanted to govern, he continues That I shared with Cécile Duflot.. We’re not that old protester purely left.”

“No red-green alliance,” replies the near Duflot

calendar side, it proposes as a first “trial run” to build alliances this year for departmental elections in March. But the Greens, this idea seems repulsed by the relatives of Cécile Duflot. His right arm, Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, ensures that Mélenchon “is a bit in a hurry.” “We will never be in a left opposition. We want a constructive majority and proposals. We will not do the red-green alliance,” insists in the columns of the JDD which advises Cécile Duflot for years.

As for the member EELV Denis Baupin, he already feared “an announced takeover.” The Mélenchon bet is not yet won



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