Thursday, January 29, 2015

Very disturbed traffic on the RER A after the assault of a driver – BBC

Very disturbed traffic on the RER A after the assault of a driver – BBC

VIDEO – After violent assault of a train driver in the eastern suburbs of Paris, a spontaneous strike began in last night. For the Secretary of State, interruption of traffic on the busiest line in Europe “can not be the right answer.”

A spontaneous strike on the RER A line started last night in response “to the aggression of a driver RATP ‘to 8:45 p.m. in Torcy station, in Seine-et-Marne. As a result, traffic “strongly disturbed the RER A” earlier this morning is now fully interrupted in both directions between the east and west suburbs and Paris.

The Secretary of State for Transport expressed his “solidarity” with the driver assaulted, but considers that the interruption of traffic on the busiest line in Europe “can not be the right answer.” Alain Vidal “demand management to RATP and labor organizations to develop an appropriate and responsible response to these exceptional circumstances, taking into account the need to protect employees and respect for users’.

A disturbance in this major transport corridor transit has indeed impact on the entire transport network in the Ile de France. In fact, the line jointly operated by the SNCF and RATP is the busiest in Europe, with over one million passengers per day. It connects the western suburbs of Paris business district of La Défense and the center of the capital and in the other direction, the line serves the capital from the east of Paris including Disneyland.

Concerning the incident, a driver on the Paris Southeast network refers to “the violent assault of a driver last night.” The alarm was activated when a passenger became trapped hand when closing a door, said a police source. The driver of the RSP had then left his cabin “to reset the alarm system” and that’s when the man who had been trapped hand gave him “a whim” before fleeing. The victim had a broken nose.

The RATP states have implemented a bus service to help travelers.

Regarding the trains running in the other direction, “rail shuttles are in place in both directions between Upper and Sartrouville Cergy or Poissy,” added the transport company. Between Poissy and Cergy to Paris center, connections are made at the station of Saint-Lazare, still shows the RATP.

In response to the influx of travelers, RATP states that “no stations correspondence are closed and those with connections remained open. ” The access to the RER A are, themselves, be blocked.

But the substitute bus are saturated. Thus, a traveler testifies and says she “never saw it.”

Another Twitter user regrets the lack of bus.

The other means of transport is also overwhelmed. And the tram is forced to stop.

Lines 1 and 14 of the metro are also saturated.

metro corridors are crowded.

In addition, access to the Gare de Lyon are also disrupted. Thus, the roads are also congested.

The disturbances are particularly important concerning the A line because the traffic is already saturated: it increased by 20% in ten years and the line carries a quarter of travelers who travel in the Paris -France. In rush hour, and up to 2,600 passengers are transported every two minutes. And users are concerned that traffic is blocked in the afternoon, at the next rush hour. For now, the train does not give details on the continuation of the strike or the health of assaulting driver.


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