Thursday, January 22, 2015

Secularism and social diversity: the Vallaud-Belkacem plan for school – The Obs

Secularism and social diversity: the Vallaud-Belkacem plan for school – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Secularism and republican values, citizenship training, reducing inequalities: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem detailed measures Thursday, at a cost of over € 250 million over three years in the name of the “mobilization” of the school to the Republic after the attacks in Paris.

The minute of silence held in facilities in the aftermath of the attack on 7 January against Charlie Hebdo was sometimes glazed with incidents.

The Minister of Education, which has numerous meetings with the educational community, has presented 16 measures of “Greater mobilization of school for the values ​​of the Republic” launched the wake of the attacks, following a government seminar at Matignon Thursday morning.

Francois Hollande has already released most Wednesday.

The school “does not tolerate no questioning of the values ​​of the Republic, “insisted Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, assuring want to fight against” isolationism “, the” conspiracy theories, “the” defiance “against traditional media and the” risk the generalized relativism. “

The school has” become the receptacle of all the ills of society, then it “should protect to protect each student in his singularity as in its diversity” has lamented his side Manuel Valls. The transmission of values ​​”of secularism, respect for authority, tolerance will become implicitly, that is to say, as often non-existent,” said the Prime Minister.

L school “can not do everything” but is “an essential part”, he has said, widening the debate to all public policies against inequalities in neighborhoods

-. ‘ citizen course ‘-

At school, the focus is on secularism and teacher training. “The incident exposed the vulnerability of teachers not adequately prepared and trained,” said Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem. An “exceptional” plan will be deployed to form, by July, “first thousand seasoned trainers” to “secularism and moral and civic education.”

Teachers also need be respected, the minister said.

Regretting that they “continue to be too often disturbed in their teaching,” she promised she would not tolerate “any weakness against behavior” that “bear reached “teachers, calling for the extension, of the sanctions, community service.

incivility will” systematically “reported to management. An “educational dialogue” will be held with parents and, where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken

Another measure. A “new citizen route” from elementary school to the terminal which “feed the future moral and civic education “, scheduled next September, according to the minister. Over the whole school, which will represent 300 hours “should not be theoretical,” but will also educate the media and information, encourage debate and argue in the classes.

citizen course will be evaluated at the end of compulsory education in ways that will be defined in the spring.

The school must have “rites” (national anthem, flag, motto) and “symbols” , continued the minister. They will be explained and valued.

There will be “Movies on historical battles of the Republic”, the Day of secularism will be celebrated at school every December 9, students will participate in the Week fight against racism and anti-Semitism, “to stop prejudice too pregnants” in schools. The secular teaching of religion is expected.

Fluency in French is a “priority project” with an assessment of student achievement in French at the beginning of CE2.

To promote social diversity, an “inventory” will be established in 2015-2016 in public and private schools under contract, places where the action should be the most important.

The fight against school dropout, social and professional integration of young neighborhoods will be strengthened.


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