Sunday, January 25, 2015

Six skiers in the French Alpine Club worn missing in Queyras – TF1

Six skiers in the French Alpine Club worn missing in Queyras – TF1

A group of skiers in the French Alpine Club, left on Saturday morning for a hike Ski in the Massif du Queyras in Hautes-Alpes was expected Saturday at noon. Anxious not to see them back on time, it is their relatives who have indicated their missing .

“They are well equipped and experienced, they were expected around noon The last round made tonight by helicopter did not work.. No trace of avalanche was identified. We are looking for anyone who might have the cross, “said the captain of the PGHM Briancon, Nicolas Colombani.

The relief sought on Saturday night in a cross-check to trace the route of the six skiers, four men and two women French nationality
aged 50 to 70 years who began their ascent to the ski lifts of the ski resort Ceillac.

Avalanche risk of the supposed route

“We have refined their route. They seem to have borrowed a corridor located 2,500 meters southeast of the town of Ceillac, above the waterfalls sector, “added the captain Sarah Chelpi in charge of the investigation.

According to the gendarmes , which stress the avalanche risk to the intended route, the last statement telephone relay locates the group Arieux, a hamlet bordering the Guillestre town where the section of the French Alpine Club to which they belong is based.

“According to their relatives, they were able to borrow several routes. The research area lies between 1,700 and 3,000 meters above sea level,” also stressed Nicolas Colombani.

Remaining cautious on the fate of the hikers, relief argue, however, that in light of their experience, “it is disturbing to have no new” at this time.

Contest a helicopter and a land caravan

Saturday afternoon, the PGHM of Briançon engaged the help of a helicopter and a land caravan. But the Research were interrupted in late afternoon because of weather conditions. “They will resume at daybreak,” said Sarah Chelpi.

At 22:30, a ground team of four gendarmes still pacing without result the search area, supported by teams gear to the slopes of Ceillac ski resort.

The investigators also appealed for witnesses. People who have seen the band can contact

This week brought two skiers missing in the Ecrins, also in the Hautes-Alpes, were found dead Thursday morning, carried away by an avalanche. The two men, a guide Hautes-Alpes 51 years and its customer Marseille 60 years, evolved in an off-piste area near the Puy-Saint-Vincent station.


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