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Valls and “apartheid” Sarkozy said he was “appalled” – Europe1

Valls and "apartheid" Sarkozy said he was "appalled" – Europe1

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National unity does seem complete. Nicolas Sarkozy said he was “appalled” by the formula Manuel Valls, who spoke Tuesday of “territorial apartheid, social, ethnic, which was imposed on our country.” “Compare the French Republic to apartheid, it is a mistake,” he told the president of the UMP, Wednesday on France 2

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“I do not know what he wanted to mean, it is to him that we should ask of s’ explain, “said Nicolas Sarkozy. “We have made a considerable investment effort in the suburbs, to allow a better life for residents of these neighborhoods. Imagine what can now think of an inhabitant of rurality that feels so often abandoned, which does not burn d bus shelters, that does not break the cars, which saw the Prime Minister (…) compares the French Republic to apartheid? Consternation “.

“I fear that the threat continues for a long time.” For the former head of state, “a number of jihadi terrorists have decided to wage a war against our civilization Our way of life, the way we dress, how we think and how we say it. This is extremely serious and I fear that the threat continues for a long time. ” Stressing that the threat was “permanent” and “at the highest level,” Nicolas Sarkozy drove home the point: “This is a war, it is our civilization is at stake”

Restore overtime in the police. Responding to plan against terrorism Wednesday by Manuel Valls, Nicolas Sarkozy has made its own proposals. “We have high quality intelligence. You can strengthen our device without wasting time deciding immediately to restore overtime in the police, the intelligence services,” he suggested. In his view, the creation of 1,400 additional posts in the Department of the Interior, announced by the government, will take too long. “These staff reinforcements if my reasoning is right, arrive for the first two years, and for the last five years,” said Nicolas Sarkozy, in defending himself, however, to “make the controversy.”

Nicolas Sarkozy did he not reduce the police staffing during his five years? “This is wrong,” he assured. “All the unions agree,” said he said as he met with the police unions Wednesday. The president of the UMP has also been in favor deprivation of nationality for binational jihadists and the creation of “de-radicalization centers” in prison.

The question of Islam “is clearly stated.” “The Muslims of France do not support the idea of ​​amalgam, they were horrified by what has happened,” also assured Nicolas Sarkozy. However, “the question of Islam and secularism, it is clearly stated,” he said. “It’s been 15 years since the question is: what does the Republic is ready to do for Islam I think today, the only question is: that Is that Islam is willing to do to integrate into the Republic? We want an Islam of France, not an Islam in France, “insisted the president of the UMP.

Nicolas Sarkozy approved the national unity that followed the attacks … but told the past! “The national unity climate it was inevitable and indispensable,” he said. But “national unity, it does not mean we should not make proposals, that there is not a choice”

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