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Murder Oceane: Blondiau, 3rd man sentenced to life … – The Obs

Murder Oceane: Blondiau, 3rd man sentenced to life … – The Obs

Avignon (AFP) – Vaucluse Assize Court of Appeal on Friday condemned to imprisonment for life without parole Nicolas Blondiau for murder and rape Oceane, 8, committed in November 2011 in the Gard .

The court upheld the first instance verdict against Nicolas Blondiau, 28, who becomes the third person sentenced in France to life imprisonment, the heaviest existing after Fourniret and Pierre Bodein. A third accused, who had first been sentenced to this real life, saw his sentence reduced on appeal.

In his submissions, the Advocate General Bernard Marchal had called for life imprisonment but had however, at the discretion of the court the incompressibility of the sentence.

“This is not a sentence of vengeance I ask you, but a query. Do you have the certainty look what Blondiau said, in light of what the experts said, it will not reoffend? ” asked the magistrate.

“If you are not able to answer + no +, then you will confirm the first conviction,” said he advised the jurors.

the Gard Assize Court had decided in December 2013 to life imprisonment without parole against Nicolas Blondiau Oceane who kidnapped while going to get a video game on the evening of November 5, 2011, a friend of the family lived 160 m from her home in the old quarter of Bellegarde.

After raping her, choked and stabbed, he had left his body at the foot of an olive tree, three kilometers from the village.

“You see Mr. Blondiau you can call ten times, a hundred times, wipe all seated over the benches, there are definitive in life things, there irreparable acts “said the Advocate General, addressing the accused stayed all the time debates head down.

” I do not come to ask for leniency, mercy I just ask you a sentence that is fair, “pleaded in defense Blondiau Nicolas, Jean-Pierre Cabanes

-. Remorse –

The lawyer asked jurors to disregard the real life “for that boy who did nothing before, which is a mediocre, a coward because he did not fit into the category of extreme these ex-death row that are the killers series. “

” This is a murderer, a rapist who used acted as a factor that is still a dark mystery, “added Mr. Cabanes, for whom” this trial is a double hell. “

Mutique and haggard at the first trial in Nimes because of its heavy medical treatment, Blondiau was more talkative, although he was reluctant to detail the progress of the crime.

“If I could give my life to return Oceane, I would have done without hesitation. I’m really sorry to have taken the life of Oceane, “said the accused, reiterating Friday remorse Thursday.

” I’m up to my car. This is where I went in my delirium, I’m excited, “said he told earlier.

” Why I did it for the moment I do not know but I want to know and Oceane parents also want to know, “he said, his hands clasped behind his back, finely trimmed beard and cropped hair.

said he saw a psychologist and a psychiatrist detention to understand his acting out.

“It makes me really scared, Nicolas Blondiau because today, three years two months and twenty-five days later, we do not have a shred of explanation, “he told in his oral argument counsel for the parents of Oceane, Me Beatrice Lobier-Tupin.

” It may be sorry, it does not bring back, “he whispered to the bar Friday morning the mother of the girl, Erika Luna.

The child’s father listened in tears to tell his wife the” sunbeam “Oceane that was a child” happy all the time “that” I miss every day. “


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