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Paris: Hidalgo wants to ban the most polluting vehicles from July – The Obs

Paris: Hidalgo wants to ban the most polluting vehicles from July – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – A low emission zone, with the ban on July 1 of buses and trucks over 14 years, from mid-2016 the most polluting vehicles: after several years of procrastination, the Paris City Hall on Wednesday unveiled the measures of its anti-pollution plan, which are sure to arouse controversy.

“As was already nearly 200 European cities, we are going to up a low emission zone + + which we will gradually prohibit access to cleaner vehicles, as diesel fuel, “said the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (PS) in an interview with

Getting involved: “cars and (the) most polluting lorries” which Anne Hidalgo wants to ban traffic “from July 1, 2015″. The measure should apply to vehicles prior to October 1, 2001, the day and seven days a week, throughout the Paris region except the device and the Bois de Vincennes and Boulogne, says Hall.

However, discussions are underway with the government on the legal framework in which they can join. “We are discussing with the government to see if the measurement between well” as part of the General Code of local authorities, which “allows traffic bans on certain roads at certain times,” said a spokesman AFP. “Otherwise, an amendment could be introduced into the energy transition of law,” he added.

Second, from “1 July 2016, that prohibition apply to all the most polluting vehicles, “yet announced Anne Hidalgo in Le Monde. The vehicles concerned are those classified a star in the classification proposed by the Ministry of Environment. According to the Assistant Transport Christophe Najdovski (EELV), these cars over 19 years, vans up to 19 years in September 2016, and two wheels over 16 years.

The measure will be designed to apply “across the Greater Paris, with all communities that wish”, as part of the energy transition law and construction of the metropolis of Greater Paris.

Between 2017 and 2010, the council wants to continue to gradually extend the measure to polluting vehicles from two classes, three and four stars. It also intends to “eradicate” diesel by 2020, even if “the legal framework currently do not allow it,” according to Najdovski

-. Return of ‘Zapa? –

These traffic restrictions will be accompanied by a support plan in the amount of five million, voted in the Council of Paris on 9 and 10 February: Free subscription to Autolib youth under 25 from being licensed, reimbursement for one year from the Passe Navigo for Parisians abandoning their vehicles, support of condominiums to install charging points, financial assistance for professionals in Paris and Little Crown making the purchase of a personal vehicle.

President of the UMP group in the Council of Paris, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet blasted measures too “late”, implemented without sufficient means to support the transition and without consultation with the municipalities of the city.

“This low emission zone, is almost the same as Zapa (Priority Action Areas for air, ed), Mrs. Hidalgo would zap (during the municipal campaign), “stormed to AFP the former environment minister, who had presided over their definition.

The traffic ban in the heart agglomerations, implemented in many European cities, is a sea serpent in France. The former mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë himself had called in November 2012 in the establishment of a Zapa “over a large area to the A86,” as he wanted to accompany a new “prime for clunkers “to help households get rid of their polluting vehicles.

In the absence of enthusiasm on the part of the state and communities of the metropolis, Anne Hidalgo is committed to n ‘ applied initially far as the territory of Paris: “Paris can not wait for everyone moves to advance the City must play a pathfinder pioneer.” said she told the World.


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