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AirAsia: Commander has a moment left his seat –

AirAsia: Commander has a moment left his seat –

AirAsia: Commander has a moment left his seat

The Indonesian commander AirAsia flight that crashed in the Java Sea in late December was not in place and conducting an unusual action when his French co-driver apparently lost control. And when he returned, it was too late, say two people familiar with the investigation.

The information that appears last moments of the flight QZ8501 pointing particularly to maintenance problems. The Airbus A320 had problems for over a week on a major flight computer and, according to a person familiar with the matter, the commander flew on the same plane with the sometimes defective unit a few days before the crash.

AirAsia said not to comment until the investigation of the Indonesian Commission for the Transportation Safety (NTSC) is in progress.

Reuters reported this week that the maintenance problems on a computer, the Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC) and how the pilots responded were the focus of the investigation. After attempting to reset this unit, the pilots off the power by operating a switch, Bloomberg reported Friday.

This is the Indonesian captain who took this action, indique- does one source familiar with the matter, not French co-driver, junior, who was piloting.

The failure has probably not directly destabilized the plane but deleted protection flight envelope, which is there to prevent the pilot to maneuvers that would force the aircraft beyond its safety limits. So that the co-pilot had to manually run the unit in high altitude conditions difficult.

“very unusual”

                   The decision to cut the FCC has surprised those who follow the investigation because the usual procedure for the restart is press a button on the top control panel.

“You can reset the FCC but cut the power is very unusual, “said an A320 pilot who wished to remain anonymous. “We do not shoot the breaker except in cases of absolute urgency. I do not know if that was the case, but it is very unusual.” This is important because for breaker operation, the commander had to get up from his seat.

The fuses are located on the right wall panel behind the copilot. It is difficult or impossible to reach them from sitting on the left side where the captain, according to two experienced pilots and given the plans of the cockpit.

Shortly after this action , the first officer was suddenly up the plane, at which time, the investigators said, the aircraft stalled.

The commander eventually regain control, but, according to a person familiar with the record, it was not in a position to intervene immediately to recover the trajectory. “The first officer brought up the plane and when the captain took control, it was too late,” said a source close to the investigation.

Family Complaint

                   The family of the officer filed a complaint against the company in Paris for endangering others. According to their lawyer, “the real problem” is that AirAsia had no permit to fly on the day of the crash. Investigators said the accident was not related to a matter of authorization.

Specialists of air safety issues believe that aircraft accidents are often caused by a chain of events, each of which is necessary but not sufficient to explain the root cause of the disaster.

The flight of the Airbus A320 crashed into the Java Sea on December 28 after taking off from Surabaya in Indonesia Singapore with 162 people on board

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