Thursday, January 29, 2015

Frédéric Chatillon, near Marine Le Pen, has been indicted – The World

Frédéric Chatillon, near Marine Le Pen, has been indicted – The World

According to information from World Frédéric Chatillon, essential part of the Navy team Le Pen, was indicted Friday 23 January, at the end of police custody forty-eight hours, “forgery and false”, “scam”, “misuse of company assets” and “misuse of company assets laundering”.

This setting examination comes within the framework of the judicial inquiry opened in April 2014 and assigned to judges Renaud van Ruymbeke and Aude Buresi concerning the financing of election campaigns FN for cantonal 2011 and the legislative elections in 2012. In September, a survey was expanded presidential through supplemental submissions.

The judges seek to shed light on the role with Frontists candidates by the microparti Marine Le Pen, Jeanne and Riwal company founded Frédéric Chatillon. In parliamentary elections in 2012, is the dual function of Jeanne that has interested investigators: the microparti lent money to candidates to campaign with an interest rate and at the same time selling their kits campaign (photo, leaflets, etc.). Justice estimated 10 million embezzled money by Riwal and Jeanne for campaign financing Frontists 2012.

A hard shot

Age from 46, now living in Rome, Mr. Chatillon has become the main service provider of the National Front through its communications company Riwal, from the arrival of Marine Le Pen to lead the party in early 2011. It ‘ Riwal is that designs, printed on frontist election materials (posters, leaflets) and manufactures the famous mandatory kits for candidates of the far-right party.

His indictment is a blow to the Navy Pen, including Frédéric Chatillon is an intimate long. However, M me Le Pen pretends that all this does not concern. “Frédéric Chatillon is neither president Jeanne nor the FN. He will be able to answer questions and to know the case against him , she tells the World . An indictment, not a conviction “. Marine Le Pen also believes that the amount of money embezzled 10 million euros is “fanciful” . “On a budget of 18 million euros [for the 2012 elections], how to divert 10 million? “

And Marine Le Pen to ask: ” Is that the purpose of all this is not to get dirty? “

Figure extreme radical right, Frédéric Chatillon was in the early 1990s, President of GUD (Defence Union Group), the far-right student association known for its violence. He studied at Assas as Marine Le Pen, with whom he befriends. Even today, it retains the confidence of the president of FN, despite its sulphurous personality. “There is nothing to me to withdraw my confidence,” says M me Le Pen. The former candidate for the Elysée has also entrusted the keys of his microparti relatives of Frédéric Chatillon, former student activists like him.

Mr. Chatillon has not changed much since his youth. Band leader, he loves the schoolboy humor, the tropéziennes nights admire the Italian Social Republic of Mussolini and is fond of Thai boxing. It is also a friend of Dieudonné. Strong supporter of Hezbollah, he has a long history of high-placed Syrian friendships and strong. And has consistently promoted the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.


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