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The 22h log: “Do not expect miracles against the … – RTL.fr

The 22h log: "Do not expect miracles against the … – RTL.fr

The 22h newspaper: “We should not expect miracles to unemployment,” according Manuel Valls Download
with Christophe Pacaud Sophie Aurenche, Digital writing RTL

Visiting Audincourt (Doubs), Manuel Valls spoke about the rise in the unemployment rate. The Prime Minister emphasized in particular that “it was not necessary to expect miracles.”

The head of government has also reiterated that he never lied to the French. “With the President of the Republic, we have always believed that 2014 would be a difficult year,” he noted, before explaining that slower growth this year did not allow high hopes .

When you have zero growth in France, as everywhere in Europe, do not expect miracles and results.

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Moreover, Manuel Valls also wished to recall that the government has done effort “to meet the expectations, the concerns and anxieties of the French over the job.” Indeed, 100,000 future jobs were created in 2014, and 350,000 assisted contracts.

In 2015, the Ministry of Labour is counting on the decline of the euro, and the new training personal account to redirect the unemployed. In addition, a plan of action against long-term unemployment should be presented on 9 February.

Recall that, according to official figures released Tuesday, January 27, unemployment has increased by 0.2% during the month of December, representing 8,100 additional job seekers.

Unemployment has increased by 5.7% throughout the past year, bringing the number of applicants nearly 3.5 million. In a statement, the Ministry of Labour stressed that “the full deployment of the Covenant of responsibility and solidarity and improving the economic environment will boost employment in 2015.”

The attack of a Tripoli hotel has nine victims, including a French

Gunmen on Tuesday attacked a luxury hotel in Tripoli before to blow themselves up. The group Islamic State in Libya has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed nine people.

Of these victims, five were foreigners identified this as one American, one French, two nationals of the Philippines and South Korea, announced a security spokesman without being able to specify their identity.

The 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in Poland celebrated

Several heads of state have visited Poland on Tuesday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi camp of Auschwitz by the Red Army. France was represented by Francois Hollande, the President of the Republic.

This afternoon, a tent was set up for being held to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz camp in Poland, because of the snow. Of Holocaust survivors share their memories came.

We, the survivors of that horror, do not want our past is the future of our children. If you, the leaders of the world, do not forget this, then the Holocaust and other atrocities like the recent attacks in Paris, will not have their place on the surface of the globe.

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– Crash of a fighter jet F-16 in Spain: the Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian went there to pray before the remains of the victims. The accident killed nine French and two Greeks.
– Manuel Valls announced Tuesday, January 27 as motorway tolls, which were to undergo an increase of 0.57% on 1 February, would be frozen. Faced with this announcement, the motorway companies have launched legal proceedings against the state.

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