Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paris: Hidalgo wants to ban “cars and heavier weight … – The Obs

Paris: Hidalgo wants to ban "cars and heavier weight … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (PS) wants to ban from 1 July traffic in the capital of “cars and the most polluting lorries,” she said in an interview with Le Monde .com Wednesday.

“As already made nearly 200 European cities, we will set up a low emission zone + + which we will gradually prohibit access to cleaner vehicles, as diesel fuel . I wish from 1 July 2015 prohibit the movement of cars and the most polluting lorries, “said Anne Hidalgo on daily website.

From 1 July 2016″ in s’ Based on the energy transition law, the ban will apply to all the most polluting vehicles, “she announced.

If the area concerned is still under discussion with the State The mayor meant that the ban “is initially applied to all of Paris, with the exception of the device and woods of Paris”.

“We are determined to act quickly, because the fight against pollution by fine particles, due in particular to dieselisation fleet, is a major public health issue, “she explained.

The socialist elected official who defends want to up a “cleaver measure” that would prevent transport professionals work confirms the establishment for them of a “financial assistance for the purchase of a clean vehicle, which will be added to that of the State “.

” The assistance of the authorities and representing 50% of the vehicle purchase price. And the remaining 50%, I would encourage the creation of a credit at preferential rates, “explains Anne Hidalgo that will” bring to the table the Parisian banking sector and traders to move forward on these loans. “

The socialist mayor also reiterates its desire to eradicate diesel in Paris in 2020.

“Yes, that is the goal. It is true that between vehicles in the late 1990s and the new diesels today, there are technological improvements. But the very fine particles – and most dangerous to health – are not captured by the most powerful filters, “she argued



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