Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pyrénées-Atlantiques: access to ski resorts banned –

Pyrénées-Atlantiques: access to ski resorts banned –


Pyrénées-Atlantiques: access to ski resorts banned

with Paul Guyonnet

The weekend is still snow in the Pyrenees. This January 31 evening, the prefecture of Pyrénées-Atlantiques even decided to close access to the ski resorts of the department for the night from Saturday to Sunday, a choice motivated by the risk of avalanches statements in the evening to their maximum level.

“A snow loaded and very unstable” caused avalanches in the day, “some reaching the road,” but without property damage or victim , specifies the Prefectural release. The falls will intensify in the night.

The descent to the valley framed

Saturday, several avalanches rolled down to the road , forcing authorities to intervene on several occasions to provide assistance to vehicles in trouble . If tourists will spend the night in the resorts of the department. Local, in contrast, were invited to return to the valleys in the late afternoon.

The descent vehicle will be held up to 23 hours convoys ” and “accompanied by firemen and gendarmes,” continues the prefecture calling users ” limited to what is necessary “their road trips to the end of the weekend, starting 500 meters.

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