Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alert Long Island after overflying not identifed drones – Nice-Matin

Alert Long Island after overflying not identifed drones – Nice-Matin

Brest (AFP)

Drones have been detected in recent days near the site of the nuclear military? Ile Longue in Brest harbor, announced Wednesday the maritime prefecture of the Atlantic, adding that these flights did not present a threat to basic safety.

“In recent days, drones were detected near the site? S Long Island,” said the maritime prefecture in a statement. “These flights drones n? Showed no threat characterized on plant safety,” she said.

Ile Longue on the Crozon Peninsula, home to four underwater nuclear ballistic missile (SSBN) of the French deterrent.

These flights occurred “during the night of 26 to 27 and 27,” said AFP spokesman for the maritime prefecture, Lieutenant Commander Lionel Delort, however, indicating only have “no evidence of tangible” to the extent that the drones were not found.

“These detections was immediately treated by mobilizing resources and response teams provided for in this case, “said the maritime prefecture.

” Military and police “were especially deployed, according to the spokesman .

This is the device and site protection teams have reported the emergence of these drones in the security perimeter surrounding the base, scope, covering virtually the Crozon peninsula.

While flying drone out above? s been the military installations? subject? legal proceedings to determine the nature and? origin of overflight and prosecute the perpetrators, given the illegal nature of these activities, said the prefecture, which ensures that the “monitoring device and Navy site protection ensures safety and takes into consideration the potential offered by new technologies”

. – France is very ill-equipped ‘-

According to the newspaper The Telegram overflight occurred Tuesday when a SSBN was making movements in the harbor, which caused “an impressive array forces. “

” I have lived here for 40 years, I had never seen such a deployment, “says a neighbor of the base, a former sailor of State, quoted by the daily .

Lieutenant Commander Lionel Delort assured that SSBN was well done “movement” but only until Wednesday morning and flyovers there was no submarine in the harbor .

Twenty drone flights have been observed in recent months in France around nuclear sites, whose authors were not identified.

In mid-January, Greenpeace called on the government to extend the missions of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), the judging France “poorly equipped” to respond to any external aggression against its nuclear fleet.

The Law 2006 granted to the ASN a safety mission, which involves control and monitoring of facilities and their failure risks. However security, including external aggression, does not fall within its mandate.

Between early October and early November 2014, 18 flyovers were detected above or close to different sites, some of which simultaneously, supporting the idea of ​​a coordinated action of persons whose identity and motives remain a mystery.

However, the mysterious overflights of nuclear plants in France have made a comeback in early January with the identification of ‘suspect aircraft, presumably drones, January 3 on an atomic site of the country.

The French nuclear deterrence based on two components “strictly defensive” submarines of the oceanic force Strategic (FOST) stationed in Long Island, and strategic air forces.

The FOST is made up of four SSBNs (nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines), the Triumphant, the Bold, the Vigilant and the Terrible, commissioned between 1997 and 2010 and equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

At least one SSBN is always on the sea and two are operational at any time. They are presented as invulnerable, undetectable and capable of massive strikes at long range.


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