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At 8 also can be heard in “terrorist act of apology.” In a free hearing Wednesday at the police station Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), Ahmed, 8, was heard by the police, reveals the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF). According to Nice Matin it would have launched “I am not Charlie, I’m with the terrorists.”

In the aftermath of the attack against Charlie Hebdo , January 8, the child, CE2, is questioned by his teacher, who asks if he is “Charlie” says CCIF. Muslim, he “opposed” to the Muhammad cartoons and according to the organization had “naively replied” that he was “on the side of the terrorists.”

According to the departmental director of public safety, Marcel Authier, the child also refused to observe a minute of silence and participate in a solidarity round in his primary school.

No complaint says the police

“In the current context, the school principal decided to report what happened to the police,” says Commissioner Authier, noting that it is by no complaint. “The child was summoned and his father to try to understand how a boy of 8 years may be required to make statements as radical.”

The child was heard for 30 minutes and then played with toys during the hearing of his father, civilly liable. “Obviously, the child does not understand what he said. We do not know where he went to get his words, “according to the departmental director of public safety.

” Police ment “, denounced the lawyer

The lawyer the child and his parents, Mr. Guez Guez Sefen, tweeted his anger in the evening sinceIbnSalah account.

Police said that no complaint has been filed, that contradicts ‘lawyer. According to him, “the child continued to condoning terrorist act. It’s in black and white on the PV I signed. Police ment. “He also said that the father, who was trying to calm the child, was charged with” intrusion into the facility, “and that parents have told their son that” terrorism is evil ” and condemned his remarks.

According to the CCIF, child, diabetic, reported “the deprivation of his insulin by faculty.” The collective and the lawyer still say the director of the institution would have launched the child, who was playing in the sandbox, “Stop digging in the sand, you do not find machine gun to kill us all . “