Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Islam judged more compatible than before with the French company – BBC

Islam judged more compatible than before with the French company – BBC

GRAPHICS – The French are twice as many in 2013 to judge this religion compatible with our values. They claim, however, a greater severity towards the radicals.

Despite the attacks in January in Paris in January, the French are much more numerous that there are two years to believe that Islam is compatible with French society, as revealed by a survey by Ipsos for Europe 1 and Le Monde , conducted two weeks after the attacks in Paris. A study * that allows to take the pulse of the population after these key events and the debate that ensued on measures to be taken.

In detail, 47% of French believe that Islam is compatible with the values ​​of our country. This is almost two times more than two years ago, when they were only 26%. However, these funds mostly think that religion is not consistent with our values ​​(51%). Also, there is still a huge gap with the Catholic religion, which is considered 93% compatible.

In response to the attacks in January, the French have generally felt anger and disgust. Only a quarter of them report being afraid, highlighting the failure of terrorists in their business

Instead, the French seem to have been more resoldered in the fight against terrorism. In their majority they believe that France is at war, 53%, against 47% who think that term is exaggerated. Among those who believe that our country is at war, 84% think that this conflict is committed solely against jihadist terrorism and only 16% against Islam in general.

Inside the country, they believe that we must be firm with the extremists. The French and the place almost unanimously justice as the first player in the fight against this phenomenon, followed closely by the police and prisons. Then comes the religious and intellectual training of young people with Muslim religious leaders and school. After all this happen only political.

Finally, faced with the threat of terrorism, in the majority in favor of deprivation of nationality, when possible, they are also willing to sacrifice part of their freedom to monitor more effectively terrorists. This through greater restriction of the Internet and, to a lesser extent, by tapping and easier search and removal of the lawyer.

(*) Realized 21 and 22 January 2015 to 1003 people over 18 years.


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