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A Tourcoing, Sarkozy called for a “new integration contract” – The World

A Tourcoing, Sarkozy called for a "new integration contract" – The World

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Nicolas Sarkozy with the UMP mayor of Tourcoing, Gerald Darmanin, on 29 January.

Find the fresh air of the campaign to get a good whiff of partisan heat: Thursday, January 29, three days after meeting with Angela Merkel in Berlin, Nicolas Sarkozy made his first visit to France since his election at the head of the UMP on 29 November 2014. After having spoken with doctors, the former head of state was welcomed at Raymond Devos theater Tourcoing (Nord) by militants delighted to sing “Happy Birthday” . Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his 60th birthday Wednesday, January 28.

During the meeting, Sarkozy has targeted the executive claiming his right to criticism. Despite the terrorist threat hanging over France, the end of national unity is definitely cohosh. “What is national unity? This is not a small bottle of chloroform to each of the parliamentary opposition and the president of the UMP “, said the former president.

“This can not go on like this”

Criticizing the Macron law notaries target savings but “dockers who ruined the port of Marseille” or reactivating his campaign themes such as the renegotiation of the Schengen Area or the end of the state medical aid, the president of the UMP is mainly income on recent executive announcements in the fight against terrorism. “What are the decisions you have taken to protect us? “, said the former head of state by asking Manuel Valls to provide € 150 million to pay overtime to police. An idea he had already stated on France 2 Wednesday, January 21

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Two weeks after publishing the twelve measures advocated by his party on the subject, Sarkozy made no new proposals. But he reiterated the need to strengthen the powers of the intelligence services that “must be able to trap a suspicious car” and “go in a city search a cellar even inform Justice posteriori “. Returning in the wake of this security analysis on immigration, he asked for a “new integration contract”. “It can not continue like this. Freedom of movement in Europe, it is not freedom of installation of all people of the world in Europe, “ he insists, while refusing the idea of ​​a closed continent as “civilizations died of inbreeding, not mixed.”

“The imperative is appeasement”

Acclaimed by his supporters, the president of the UMP intend to pose as the first opponent of the majority within two months of the departmental elections. Because it comes out of a complicated period. Since the end of the attacks, he was careful not to break the national unity and “to be at the height of the events you have crossed” while trying to exist politically. Whether jostling at the Republican walking or by infusing the idea of ​​the death of national indignity for terrorists. A chance, it is the expression “social apartheid” ordered by the Prime Minister who led the debate and given the tempo of the media agenda. The popularity of the former head of state has weakened this occasion, according to an IFOP poll for Paris Match and Sud Radio.

D ‘ According to this study, the former president of the Republic, who do use the security themes, loses 4 (38% favorable opinion), while Manuel Valls earns 5 points (60%). The Prime Minister became the second French favorite personality behind … Alain Juppé. “Let the editorialists editorialize” has asked Mr Sarkozy, criticizing commentators who engage in “a macabre dance on bottom hole.” “Polls do not interest us when 17 of our citizens were killed,” said the president of the UMP.

Nicolas Sarkozy should intensify its visits to France in the weeks come over. This could make a week without getting into a media frenzy. The idea is always to seek the right balance between its role and stature as a statesman. “You have to show the image of a party that is not excited, not angry. The imperative is appeasement, and work on the bottom. The race will be long “, says Marc-Philippe Daubresse, North MP

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