Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An 8 year old boy interviewed by the police for his comments on the … – The World

An 8 year old boy interviewed by the police for his comments on the … – The World

According to the departmental director of public safety, Marcel Authier, the child was reported to the authorities by the director of the institution where he is in school because of his behavior following the terrorist attacks in Paris. The boy refused to observe a minute of silence for the victims and held about “solidarity” with the terrorists, according to his teacher.


“In the current context, the school principal decided to report what happened to the police” , said the Commissioner Authier, noting that it is not intended as a complaint.

“We summoned the boy and his father to try to understand how an 8 year old boy may have to hold about as radical” says Authier. The child was heard for 30 minutes, then played with toys during the hearing of his father, civilly liable. Representatives of primary school have not yet commented on the case.


“Obviously, the child does not understand what he said. We do not know where he went to get his words “ reports the departmental director of public safety. According to his lawyer, who tweeted extracts from the hearing, the child would have answered “I do not know,” to the question “What is meant by the word terrorist to you? “.

The Collective against Islamophobia in France denounced Wednesday when called up, he said, ” shows the hysteria in which France was plunged since the beginning January “.

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