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The law Macron diving in the Chamber – The Obs

The law Macron diving in the Chamber – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The iconic project Macron law meant to raise “blocks” of the economy, arrived Monday in the Chamber of the Assembly for two weeks of debate likely to light again internal divisions to the left but to the right.

The Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron opened at 16.00 the debate on the bill whose adoption River show “that the French are capable move “and” allow us to be more demanding with our partners and Europe. “

A sign of the magnitude of this text” for growth, activity and equal economic opportunities “but also the parliamentary mobilization, more than 3,000 amendments were tabled.

Illustration fears that crystallizes, several thousand people demonstrated near the department stores on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, covered by a “trivialization of Sunday work,” chanting “Macron, bosses, same fight.” Philippe Martinez, tipped to be the head of the CGT, was present, as Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The extension of Sunday working in shops and liberalization of regulated professions (notaries, messengers) are the two most controversial and discussed measures. The bill of some 200 items, however, includes many other provisions, the opening of national coach routes, which will be discussed on Tuesday, simplification of the driving license, through a reform of the justice prud ‘homale or rules of collective redundancies.

A special commission, headed by the Socialist François Brottes, who served 82 hours, including Sundays, in the presence of the Minister of Economy has already reviewed and corrected, resulting in particular on increased supervision of the reform of the regulated professions and a compromise on Sunday working in shops, which removes the five Sundays of right and left to elected a choice ranging from zero to twelve. Additions were also involved, for example on the creation of a business secret, which concerned the Transparency International anti-corruption association.

“The text can be improved … Each proposal will target the general interest to the government find a sympathetic ear, “said Emmanuel Macron surrounded Monday of the Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, and Employment Minister, François Rebsamen, whose absences in committee had been criticized by the opposition

Amendments of the eight thematic rapporteurs -which attend the general rapporteur Richard Ferrand (PS). – should therefore introduce a compensation of at least 30% for employees working on Sunday morning in supermarkets or tighten caps pensions business leaders.

The executive believes that “the choice of dialogue seems to be working,” but also that the post-attack environment could mitigate at least the tone of criticism within the PS

-. Split views on the right –

The debate in the Chamber will not be easy so far

The socialist “slingers”. not as openly displayed before Christmas intentions to vote against, but expect that the text “not votable as is” improved, especially on Sunday working to stay five Sundays and have a floor remuneration of at least twice the usual salary.

Considering that the “damage limitation” obtained by commission does not change the logic of “deregulation and austerity”, environmentalists also require substantial changes in favor including the environment.

Members Left Front hope “a start from the left to the Chamber to reject” the text, which enshrines the principle “the free fox in the henhouse” according to their leader André Chassaigne.

Right, opinions are divided.

Given this bill Nicolas Sarkozy called to fight, UMP, defenders regulated professions who continue to oppose the text by large press inserts are “obviously” against, as their president Christian Jacob. But as some elected Hervé Mariton intend to vote for, while others question.

Speaking in the Chamber on behalf of the UMP, Francois Fillon held the draft law Macron “not up “the gravity of the economic situation in France despite the” good will “, calling on the government to accept measures” vigorous “that lifting the” 35 hour lock. “

The IDU group , which “is absolutely not closed to a text whose primary objective is to free growth”, “reserve his vote to progress made” in the Chamber, according to his spokesman Michel Zumkeller on this text.


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