Monday, January 26, 2015

Up and Quick as expected –

Up and Quick as expected –

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He was the favorite of the race with 600,000 euros gagants played on his chances and very well on the contrary, Texas Charm has dominated the event in proper time 1 ’12 “last mile. JMB launched its champion in the last turn and dominated two good fielder finishers Myrt to 100/1 and Timoko still there.

“I had fun” said Bazire immediately and it is understood as its champion is the best trotter in Europe before starting a dance on the podium with his owner Philippe Delon, podium which also collapsed causing no injuries.
This was the only unexpected moment of arrival or the French took the first eight places. Ulhan Val finished 4th Aladin front of Ecajeul, Roxane Griff, Tiego Etang Texas Charm and disappointing after a bad start but the end of the race was encouraging.

The note is certainly the second and driver Gabriele Gelormini which asserts itself as the revelation of the winter after its performance with Outrider and Admiral Sacha!
All should be reflected in 15 days in the Prix de France over a shorter distance.


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