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SYRIZA: “historic” for Mélenchon, Europe must “think” for … – Le Point

SYRIZA: "historic" for Mélenchon, Europe must "think" for … – Le Point

Olivier Besancenot , the former spokesman of the NPA, said on iTV “You have to understand the revolt that has just spoken”

The Socialist Party “welcomed the victory of the left forces in Greece” Sunday “good news for the Greek people, according to its national secretary for Europe, Philip Cordery.” The anti-austerity online is strengthened in Europe today. Since 2012, Francois Hollande and the Social Democratic leaders are at work to reorient the European Union. They will find a new ally Alexis Tsipras. It is plain that the left will triumph Europe of growth, employment and solidarity, “said Philip Cordery in a statement.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon , founder of the Left Party (PG) called Sunday “historic moment” for Europe the victory of the radical left Syriza in Greece. “This is a new page for Europe. Maybe we take the opportunity to rebuild Europe, which became the federal Liberal Europe, “said Jean-Luc Mélenchon on BFM TV, for whom the success of SYRIZA” is a groundswell. ” According to him, “the Greeks are perhaps trying to blow this straitjacket and thanks to them, maybe we will be able to put on the table all the data that make us the hellish life in Europe. Perhaps, yes, I say, this is a historic moment. “

He said Alexis Tsipras and his friends embody” a form of absolute refusal to compromise with twisted in exchange for government posts , benefits. “For the leader of the Left Front, this success also shows that” we can change things completely democratically, peacefully, through the ballot. “When” the history accelerates, it is a moment of pure happiness, “he has said, a broad smile on his face.

When asked about” the fall of the socialist party “Greek (Pasok) former candidate for the 2012 presidential spoke of “progressive force as its replacement by Syriza” because of Sunday’s result. “I hope” that in France “we (be) able to create a comparable boost to that of Syriza in Greece, “said Jean-Luc Mélenchon.” The PS, its fate is settled, it’s a matter of time “because” its software is completely out of date, “he added.

Xavier Bertrand (UMP), the Grand Jury RTL / LCI / Le Figaro “If Syriza wins, it is not a surprise: too much austerity in Greece and bankruptcy of a political class. It is not surprising that voters make another choice. But this is not the French taxpayer who pays instead of the Greek taxpayer. You can ask for structural reforms but you can not ask too much and bleed a people “

Benoît Hamon , MP PS Yvelines, reacted by press.” Greece lights Europe. The election in Greece is not just a national election. This Sunday, the Greek people sovereignly chose to take a different path than that of austerity. It is a great source of hope for all those who still believe that Europe and progress are compatible. This path must now inspire the French left. The French government has left now clearly support future Greek government in its desire to end austerity and reconnect with economic and social justice. “

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan The sovereignist member and chairman of the Standing France, was also welcomed on France Info of the victory of SYRIZA: “I am satisfied that the Greek people have ended years of dictatorship Brussels totally counterproductive,” said -t it. “This is good news for France and for the rest of Europe will finally be able to reorient Europe through the ballot box. It proves that we can not look down at this point the European people and it proves that we must change policy in France. “

Very enthusiastic leader Standing France also sent many messages on Twitter:

Henri Guaino , UMP of Yvelines, said on Sunday hoped that the victory of the radical left Syriza party to the Greek elections is likely to make “think Europe and to return to its dogmas.” The likely victory of SYRIZA she puts Europe in danger? “Europe is in danger because it is put herself in danger, because it leads foolish policies, “said on France 5 former special adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee.

For him,” we do anything in Europe for years “and the euro area is” on the verge of bursting a long time “, not because of the Greek situation.” One thing is certain is that the austerity policies we conducted do not work ” launched the deputy “of Yvelines, convinced that a” period began to change with what Mario Draghi is another day. ” The European Central Bank (ECB) will include repurchase up to 60 billion euros of public and private debt per month between March 2015 and September 2016, said Thursday its president Mario Draghi.

Refusing to comment on the choice of Greek voters, Mr Guaino felt about Sunday’s vote that “if it would make them think Europe and brown on its dogmas, it would be . blessing in disguise “

Florian Philippot , the vice president of the National Front, welcomed the announcement on Twitter Syriza victory:

Jean-Marie Le Pen , honorary president of the FN, has meanwhile estimated from the FN federation Paris that the likely victory of SYRIZA in Greece constituted a “disavowal” for the European Union although he doubts that the party of the radical left “does what it promises, since it will be subjected to strong pressure.” However, the likely victory of Syriza is “a repudiation of the European Union” will “in the same sense as our struggle,” he added. The honorary president of the FN admitted to not share “Syriza program” but welcomed the fact that this election victory was “a part of the political battle if the European Union is defeated in Athens.”

Pierre Laurent , General Secretary of the Communist Party, praised on BFM TV “a much larger victory than was announced. This is the signal that the hope of another policy is possible in Europe “

Rama Yade , former Secretary of State under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, has also reacted on Twitter.

François de Rugy , co-president of the environmental group in the National Assembly:


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