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Police Illustration. – Franck LODI / SIPA

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An eight-year-old and his father were summoned to the police station on Wednesday Nice St. Augustine. Concerned, the comments made by the student enrolled in the west of the city. On January 8, the day of the attack conducted against Charlie Hebdo , while a class debate takes place, “he said: We must kill the French, I’m in the terrorist camps Muslims did well and deserved their fate journalists, and he refused the minute of silence, “explains the assistant director of public security department, Fabienne Lewandowski.

” Awkwardness “

“The unacceptable remarks which have been the subject of a report to the child protection,” said the Rector, which states that “a complaint was also filed against the child’s father for threatening intrusion and attitudes in school. ” “We on our side were alerted on January 21 by the head teacher and contacted the father, civilly responsible, to understand what happened,” says Fabienne Lewandowski. “A young child to the police, it’s outrageous, grotesque,” denounces me Sefen Guez Guez, counsel for the family.

“This is awkward, simple maintenance could have been enough saw the age of the child, “recognizes the Commissioner, but” these words are very explicit, and given the context it was how he was taken to hold … But there was no question of condoning terrorism in their call, “she says. “This case is a mass hysteria!” Denounces me Sefen Guez Guez.


“The child recognized some of his statements, but does not include scope, does not know what it means to terrorism … His father regrets that he has kept “said Fabienne Lewandowski.