Thursday, January 29, 2015

Indictment of Chatillon: Marine Le Pen said he was “not concerned … – The Obs

Indictment of Chatillon: Marine Le Pen said he was "not concerned … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The president of the FN Marine Le Pen said Thursday AFP it was “not legally concerned” by the indictment of one of his relatives in the investigation of the funding several campaigns of the National Front.

“I have not auditioned. I really do not know what returns this case. It does not concern me legally,” she said, confirming the indictment of Frédéric Chatillon, a relative who is also an essential part FN campaigns financing and main “service provider” to them.

“Obviously, I’m not going you say I do not know Frederick, and I do not know how is implemented legally, financing of the various candidates through (Marine Le Pen microparti policy) Jeanne, that (the company chaired by Chatillon) Riwal was the recipient of campaign kits candidates, but on the bottom, this procedure, which dates back a number of years, has again been validated by the national campaigns Accounts Committee and Political Financing (CNCCFP) has refunded all the candidates in the municipal, “she says.

Mr. Chatillon indicted? “Finally! It’s been months that there is an investigation that is deprived of the framework, the necessary control. It will finally be able to access the file, find out what the reasons are, and provide explanations. Nothing was read everything and anything in the press, I think it is healthier than compliance with procedures is done by allowing, if you like, respect for the rights of defense, “a-t- she said.

Will it had hearings, searches for the FN? “There was a collection of documents on a contract, a bill that was supported by the National Front for the laws, an operation of leaflets to the candidates,” she said.

“The indictment is not condemnation,” said she also recalled, also ensuring that the investigating judges “set up a wide range of offenses for failing to do supplementary charges. “

Mr. Chatillon was indicted, including “fraud”, “forgery and use of forgeries”, “misuse of company assets” and “laundering misuse of corporate assets” in the investigation into the financing of several campaigns of the National Front .


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