Friday, January 30, 2015

Rennes: he arrives at the police station with the body of his wife … –

Rennes: he arrives at the police station with the body of his wife … –

This is an unusual case in which police officers Blosne, a popular district of Rennes faced earlier in the week. Tuesday around 16 pm, a man came to their station, ensuring that he had killed his wife and put her body in the back of his vehicle, a Twingo. “From the outset, he announces that he has just killed his wife and that the body of the latter is in the trunk of his car,” said Thursday afternoon the prosecutor in Rennes, Thierry Pocquet Haut -Jussé at a press conference.

The man was referred Thursday night
While the vehicle was parked nearby, the police immediately checked the man’s claims. By searching the car, they noticed that it was right. The body of his wife is effectively found in a trunk placed at the rear of the vehicle with the seats were folded down. The police then tried to resuscitate the woman, but in vain. The man was immediately arrested. Indicted Thursday night, he was in the wake remanded in custody by the judge of freedoms and detention. The latter also placed in custody. The defendant incurs life imprisonment.

He was known for violent acts
According to preliminary evidence gathered and communicated by the prosecutor, the man 41 years old. Born in Algeria, he arrived in France in 2001 before bringing his family in 2011. He was also separated from the victim since 2012. Their divorce had not yet been passed but both were set to agree on a procedure by mutual consent. Together they had two children aged 11 and 17. The father is known to the police. It has already been heard for acts of violence and threats against his ex-wife and their children.

Also according to the prosecutor, the victim was killed late Tuesday morning. Her ex-husband would have gone home, as was his habit, to see their children. But both would have played him accusing him of “having a relationship”. He then “pulled a wire rope he had brought with him” and “strangled (ex-wife) in the hallway of the apartment” around noon. The man would then waited nearly two hours before putting the body in his car and go to the police. The police, he would have wanted to avoid explained that her children see the corpse of their mother when they return. “These are very rare events,” said Commander Mark Guillemois, deputy chief of the departmental safety.


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