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Brexit. 3 million signatures: the crazy story of a petition “diverted” – The Obs

More than 3 million signatures! The online petition to the British Parliament calling for the organization of a new vote on the Brexit exploded all records in the UK, provides!

She meets so successful that Parliament’s website, on which it was posted, experienced some difficulties during the first hours, to accommodate the traffic of many signatories.

But still qu’espèrent these petitioners? Is it a last stand or can they really make the British vote again? The Obs answers all your questions.

What to ask the petitioners?

More than 3 million supporters “remain” ( “stay”), anti-Brexit , signed the petition on the UK Parliament website. 3,036,591 petitioners, at the time of writing. And the number continues to rise …


the text of the petition, led by one William Oliver Healey, asked the British government to establish “a rule “for a second referendum be held” in case of victory of the ‘rEMAIN’ ( ‘stay’) or ‘leave’ ( ‘from’) less than 60% of votes, or if participation does not reach 75%. “

This petition was posted on May 25, well before the vote results. This explains why the text refers to the victory of “remain” or “leave”. Except that the vote in favor of Brexit Thursday has rightly received only 51.9% of the vote, for a stake of only 72% of registered!

For the supporters of “remain” who want to disarm, this petition had collected a few signatures before the vote, so is a new hope to the earthquake announced that represents the output of the European Union. The number of signatories has exploded after the election results.

Who are the signatories of this petition?

3,036,591 people have signed the petition at 11:50 Sunday morning. Logically enough, it is very likely that a large part of them are part of the 16.1 million voters who voted against leaving the UK in the EU.

But we imagine also that some signatories did not vote in the referendum (particularly young people, since there is no age restriction to sign the petition), or voted for Brexit and now belong to the fringe of the British already regret their vote, often influenced by a demagogic campaign by pro-Brexit

Brexit. the leader of Ukip already admits that camp promise of “Leave” is untenable

to vote, simply nevertheless check a box certifying that you are a British citizen or resident in the UK and provide a postcode. A restriction easily circumvented, which could skew the numbers …

Nevertheless, this petition remains a strong symbol of the deep divisions in the UK, revealed by this historical referendum: young against old, London major cities against the countryside …

the map of the signatories of the petition reveals the large number of petitioners London, but also the mobilization of the inhabitants of large cities and university towns, including Oxford, Cambridge , York, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Brighton and Bristol, each of which has several thousand signatories. Conversely, the more we move away from London, less the number of signatories is high.


He launched a petition to ask … the independence of London

Surprisingly, the Scots and the Northern Irishman, who massively voted to keep the UK in over the European Union, have relatively few signed the petition launched by William Oliver Healey. At least for now …

Meanwhile, many young people are probably among the signatories, as they overwhelmingly voted to maintain in the EU: 75% of 18-24 year olds ! Since the announcement of the results, they flooded social networking anger or despair messages behind the hashtag #NotInMyName (Not in my name).

“The Guardian” went to meet some of them:

Who is the author of the petition

This is where the story gets amazing! According to the “Sunday Express”, the author of the petition, William Oliver Healey, is a supporter of Brexit …

Attacked by its pro-Brexit friends since his petition, against his will , exploded counters, the young man, a political science student at De Montfort University in Leicester, England, repeats tirelessly on his Facebook account that “the petition was created there over a month when he was still unlikely that the ‘leave’ wins referendum ‘!

“There was no guarantee that one wins in that time,” insists Oliver William Healey, which states that it was then aware that the minimum participation of 75% and 60% for one or other of the two sides were “almost impossible” to achieve “except compulsory voting system.”

What an incredible paradox! Since the referendum, the young man has attended, he said, “misappropriation”, “piracy” of his petition by the “vicious” anti-Brexit.

So forced militant to justify himself face to his companions:

“I am personally opposed to the bureaucratic and undemocratic nature of the European Union for several years and throughout my political career I open my support in the vote. ‘leave’. Why would I do that if I really wanted to stay in the EU? “

in the comments of his messages, users are divided between anti-Brexit which thank the irony of having created the petition and found the situation extremely “tasty” and the pro-Brexit who do not fail to preach the imprudence activist.

“You started this Oliver thing. Never in my life I would have thought that you were able to do that. “
” Oh my God, Olivier! WTF [ "what the Fuck", "whore"]. you really acted prematurely there! You could wait for the results! [...] This can potentially ruin everything! “

Can signatories win the case?

This is the main question … In the UK, the government meets all the petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures, said the British government website. “the committee responsible for petitions online in the British Parliament undertakes to respond to all petitions that exceed 10,000 signatures under twenty-one days “says” the World “.

Better if a petition over 100,000 signatories, Parliament may wish to consider and discuss the petition. Concretely, from the time the 100,000 mark signatories is reached, the committee responsible for online petitions “may submit the request of the signatories to the Parliament for it to be debated, but it was not obliged to do so,” tempers “the World”.

“the Guardian” and wrote in 2014 that the online platform was “nothing more than a farce” and that the responsible committee had the power to nip in the bud these petitions.

in this case, a spokesman for the House of Commons has already indicated that the committee would meet on June 28 to consider the petition. Although the petition committee passes the dam and is considered by MPs, this does not mean that the signatories have won. Indeed, this examination as a debate, not committed to any vote or any decision of the deputies … It can not therefore in any case, let alone challenge the referendum results.

However (and this is probably the last hope of the signatories), British Prime Minister may ignore the referendum, says “the Telegraph”. Indeed, as recalled by the newspaper, “the UK Parliament is sovereign and referendums are generally not binding”.

Prime Minister could therefore decide to ignore the referendum and not to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty would represent a formal request from the UK to leave the European Union.

It could then launch a debate on this issue in parliament, hoping that members vote overwhelmingly for maintenance. But it is highly unlikely that a weakened David Cameron, who has already recognized the victory of the camp “leave” and announced his resignation (he supported the camp “remain”), finally back on his words.

Thus, according to an expert in British constitutional law quoted by “the Telegraph” Vernon Bogdanor, a second referendum is “very unlikely”. And the expert also point to the role the EU:

“I do not think the EU will still want to negotiate, they will consider the vote [Thursday] is final.”

in fact, European leaders, French head, called indeed the UK to start EU output process as quickly as possible

Brexit. 6 founding countries EU for it to go “as soon as possible”

in addition, other commentators point, although the figure of 3 million petitioners is Pharaonic … that he weighs, democratically against the 17.4 million voters who voted for the Brexit?

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