Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit: the Assembly, Valls and the right have taken the measure of the crisis – Le Figaro

The Prime Minister called for “inventing a new Europe” to sweep the “punitive Europe” and to “find the sources of support for the European project,” during the debate on the consequences the Brexit Tuesday in the national Assembly.

Because the subject is eminently presidential and discussion at the European Council in Brussels, Manuel Valls walked on eggs, Tuesday at the national Assembly during the debate on the consequences of Brexit. For half an hour, the Prime Minister has ensured stick closer to the proposals made by Francois Hollande. He called for “inventing a new Europe”, to sweep the “punitive Europe” and to “find the sources of support for the European project.” “Europe, warned the Prime Minister, it can not just be those states that are accountable for managing their budget. We must of course rules. France respects them. But attention to the image of a punitive Europe, acquired the ultraliberal theses and fiscal austerity. This is what our citizens reject. And they would not understand if the only message of the Commission in the coming days was to punish Spain and Portugal. “

campaign for months against a FN” the gates of power, “Valls also warned “those who believe that we will strengthen our national sovereignty by drawing a line under Europe; those who think they will fare better in globalization, we better address the migration crisis, we better fight terrorism by acting alone, depriving themselves of support, only in the context of our national borders “. He said that “nothing is wrong”.

“The Europe 1957 took place without people. Then she made against the peoples “

Anxious to show its commitment to national identities, Manuel Valls went to summon Philippe Séguin. “A Europe that denies nations – Philippe Séguin had predicted with great lucidity – would simply bed of nationalism. This model above the nations, denying the particularities of each, would be a failure, and some have suggested he was the only one possible. “The reference to the former president of the National Assembly, notorious opponent of the treaty Maastricht, could not leave indifferent François Fillon, Prime LR speaker. The former prime minister said that “the urgency is to regulate the British case.” “Divorce must be serene but quick,” he said. Second priority in his eyes: “Europe refocus on its priorities.” “Europe will never be a federal state,” he estimated advocating the establishment of an “economic government of the eurozone led by the Heads of State and Government and controlled by national parliaments” or the creation of an “alliance of European defense”. Institutional, François Fillon also called for the rule of “European Council” and “control of national parliaments.” However, the former prime minister has ignored the issue of a possible referendum in France that Bruno Le Maire and Laurent Wauquiez have them, called for the rostrum. “The Europe 1957 took place without people. Then she made against the people, “said the first judging that no solution can be found without consultation. “Once arrested complete overhaul of Europe, it will consult the French,” said the second.

The two men had left the Chamber when Manuel Valls told them before very sparse benches. “It is quite amazing to say the strength of the people and those who represent him and not stay until the end of a debate,” quipped the Prime Minister. Before pounding proposals Wauquiez. “Coming here in Parliament – when it was Europe Minister, when we were in government, when one aspires to be there – to explain that the solution is the abolition of the Commission … There are enough this demagoguery !, he launched. A few points of popularity or search for FN voice does not invite this kind of behavior. “


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