Friday, June 24, 2016

What the Brexit could change for migrants to Calais – L’Express

After Brexit, what will happen to the migrants of Calais? Also tenuous the link between the anti-EU UK vote and the fate of refugees. In March, the French economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, promised in an interview with Financial Times in case of victory of “ leave ” in the referendum, the France would cease to hold migrants: “the day that this relationship will be broken, migrants will no longer be in Calais.”

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This Friday we are. The British have said yes to 51.9% at an output of the European Union. The result, unexpected, caused an earthquake and has many implications for French citizens … including those of Calais.

A (new) application timely

The mayor Republicans of the city, Natacha Bouchart, took the opportunity to ask again the renegotiation of the agreements Touquet, securing the British-French border at Calais rather across the Channel. With the consequences that we know: the refugees wishing to emigrate to the United Kingdom were stopped on French territory and not English. And pile up in the infamous “jungle” of Calais.

“The renegotiation of these agreements, we have been demanding for a long time. But now it is the right time to do it again, told The Express the entourage of the elected official. If UK leaving the European Union, it is quite normal to resume control of its borders. ”

“We hope that the statements of Macron, these were not just words, a threat to frighten the English. As for europhobes, the campaign has played a lot on migration” says his entourage.

Natacha Bouchart is not the only one to make this request. Just hours after the announcement of Brexit, Xavier Bertrand, President of the Region Hauts-de-France, formerly Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, also called for the withdrawal, pure and simple, Le Touquet agreements. The elected LR would, too, that the Anglo-French border to be rather than Dover Calais.

Macron will be Monday at Calais

Neither Emmanuel Macron nor Francois Hollande have not yet responded to these requests. But the issue could be raised very quickly between Natacha Bouchart and the Minister of Economy, who has to go to Calais on Monday. There will evoke, necessarily, the consequences of Brexit.

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For now, no meeting is scheduled, “but if he so requests the mayor will accept, “insists his entourage.


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