Friday, June 24, 2016

labor law: unions have proposed a path for the Paris demonstration Tuesday – The World

People parading Bastille Square and along  the Port de l'Arsenal in Paris on 23 June 2016  against the Labour Law. The event, the result of  tough negotiations between the unions and the  government, s' place peacefully, under heavy  police surveillance.

the unions opposed the draft labor code reform bill submitted to the Prefecture of police of Paris an application manifest Tuesday, June 28, day voting project in the Senate, on a path from Nation instead of Italy, it was learned Friday, June 24

“for now, we do not have to authorization, either written or verbal. Appointment was made Monday morning with the prefecture to get an answer to this demand, “, said Pascal Joly, Secretary General of the Regional Union Ile-de-France CGT.

if authorized, the procession will leave at 14 hours, the call of the CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, UNL and LDIFs. Wednesday, Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, and Jean-Claude Mailly, his counterpart at FO, said after a meeting with the interior minister that he had given them an agreement principle for a demonstration in Paris on June 28

tightly controlled event Thursday

the last parade on Thursday, had led to a showdown with the government. It was nearly banned, executive highlighting security reasons after the violence that occurred on June 14 The protesters had to settle for a very short course of 1.6 km, starting from Bastille and retracing the famous after a loop along the Bassin de l’Arsenal. The event, tightly controlled by police, took place in an unusually quiet since the beginning of the mobilization in March

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in the evening of the tenth day of mobilization, nine people were arrested after the degradation of the front seat of the CFDT, the main union support for reform, situated in 19 th district

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