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Labor law / Student injured in Rennes: the gum-bangs, “the most likely hypothesis” – Le Point

“The most probable hypothesis” after the injury to the eye of a young man on the sidelines of a demonstration against the labor law in Rennes April 28 is a “defense balls launcher bullet impact (LBD) “or gum-bangs, said Tuesday the prosecutor of Rennes in a statement.

an investigation was entrusted April 29 at the General Inspectorate of the national Police (IGPN) by prosecutors after injury of the young protester, who lost the use of his left eye.

as part of this investigation two experts concluded that “the most likely hypothesis is that of a major injury the orbital region left caused by a pitcher pitch-defense balls (LBD) 40x46mm, “the statement said. The “LBD40″ succeeded “Flashball” first rubber-hits used by police in France.

“In addition, because the procedures by IGPN investigations have established that at the time of injury caused to the protester, at least two fire LBD had been made by the police in response to missile throwing and a rocket fired in their direction, having engulfed the awning of a store and from the area where the complainant’s whereabouts, “the floor.

the victim, Jean-François Martin, had filed a complaint against X in early May for” aggravated violence “.

in the wake of this complaint and on the evidence of the investigation into the incident, the prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet Rennes opened Tuesday “a judicial order to allow the continuation of the investigation to now s ‘focus on whether the conditions and circumstances of the shooting were consistent with the principles of necessity and proportionality laid down in the laws and regulations and the doctrine of use of the weapon used, “he said in the release.

“the opening of this judicial inquiry will conduct these investigations in a contradictory manner,” assured Mr. Jacquet.

on April 28, after the official demonstration against labor law, several hundred young protesters came face the police prevented access to the inner city of Rennes. One of the protesters had thrown an explosive device on the security forces, and the latter had charged to disperse the crowd. It was during this charge that the 20 year old student in geography at the University of Rennes 2 was hit by firing LBD and has permanently lost the vision in his left eye.

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