Saturday, June 25, 2016

“Jungle” of Calais: the Brexit he will help migrants to win the UK? – TF1

“The British people ruled, I ask the French government to renegotiate Touquet agreements,” tweeted Xavier Bertrand , president LR Area Les Hauts de France . For its part, the Green MEP Karima Delli said “Francois Hollande is to send Touquet agreements to oblivion.”

Text bilateral, designed to fight against illegal immigration, the treaty was signed in 2003 after the closure of the Sangatte camp. It provides well an exit clause, with a two-year period. Confident the first immigration controls from countries, the treaty has caused it a slip of the UK border in French ports.

An agreement “unfair for France and for migrants
” now that Britain is not in the EU, there is no reason that the border is still in Calais “, says François Gemenne, professor at Sciences Po, for whom London was “discarded its responsibilities” with the agreement “unfair for France and for the migrants.”

“The paradox is that while the Brexit was mainly anti-migration vote, Britain could find itself having to welcome more migrants tomorrow,” Does notes -it – especially as London can no longer return asylum seekers to the first country they have left an imprint, as provided in the European regulation called “Dublin”.

“We need to think before saying anything”

The university, however, warns the camp Calais migrant will not disappear with the denunciation of Le Touquet, because “there is a physical barrier” with the sea. the population of the “Jungle” and has increased again in recent weeks, with nearly 4,500 people, according Reeve Pas-de-Calais.

French side, it emphasizes the Interior Ministry’s position on the subject has not changed with this referendum. Bernard Cazeneuve had estimated in March that would denounce the treaty to “send the signal to smugglers that they are legitimate to put all migrants at the border and to turn them” and in this case “Tomorrow there will be more but 6,000 20,000 “. The authorities fear a proliferation of incidents which would in any case need to maintain an important safety feature.

“The agreement Touquet is: where is the border if it is to put it, as some advocate, on the other side of the Channel. it will put the boats to rescue people who are in the water “, for his part, said the head of French diplomacy Jean-Marc Ayrault, for which” we must think before saying anything “and” do do not demagoguery. ”

VIDEO. Victory Brexit: soon the open border for migrants stranded in Calais?


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