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“Instead of talking about the real issues Brexit, political hold almost hysterical speech” – The World

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personally, Stephen Clarke – who has lived in France for over fifteen years and has therefore not entitled to vote on Thursday – has always kept to issue an opinion on the “Brexit,” but notes that the arguments advanced by those favorable to an output of the United Kingdom of the EU are the most “grotesque”.

He answered questions from readers of the World at our special day #BrexitOrNot

Lou. Hello, the UK seemed relatively untouched by the wave of xenophobia that is sweeping Europe. This referendum not open he has the Pandora’s box of xenophobic speech in the UK, eclipsing the real European issues of a possible “Brexit”

Stephen Clarke?: Yes, the British do not speak any of the real issues around Europe. Those who want to leave Europe only talk about immigration, ignoring all the economic issues. This is ironic given that David Cameron launched the referendum with the idea to overwrite this xenophobic tendency among conservatives. He just gave him a public vote in all the newspapers for six months

Manivane. Hello, I agree that the issue of “Brexit” is much more complex that she looks. But how do you explain that, in all media, we constantly develop the negatives that would result from the “Brexit” the consequences for the population, forgetting to focus on the arguments of the population pro- “Brexit”?

Since the days of Margaret Thatcher, which was quite xenophobic, British newspapers have done a great pleasure in the “Brussels Bashing” , inventing stories like “Europe wants to force truckers English dining muesli” – and this is a true story. The English swallow everything. British journalists are very creative and have a bit of humor. So these false rumors are walking each time. That’s what I wanted to look in my novel God Save the Brexit

Blaise59: If the UK out of Europe, paierait- is less expensive products that you buy there?

Yes, the price of the pound will fall dramatically on referendum day if “Brexit”. So he would go to London to go shopping this weekend. But knowing the British pound will go up quickly after. So we will have to press

Elisa. Was not that a bit “suicidal” from David Cameron to launch the idea of ​​a referendum

It was not suicidal. He would rather cause an accident. It’s like going out on a motorcycle on the highway without a helmet political and rolling in the opposite direction. It is demolishing his own party. If there were elections tomorrow, he will surely lose his seat (motorcycle)

Justine. I live in London and everyone seems pro- “REMAIN”. How to explain the results of surveys that give 53% pro- “Brexit”?

Friends You may have with an eye to the international. If you go for example in working class neighborhoods in London, you will hear many voices against Europe. The British middle class and almost everyone involved in international business want to stay. So I suspect that you live in South Kensington, the most chic French ghetto of the world …

Yo: Hello, do not you think that the press takes too much in favor of the non the “Brexit”? For several days, all media massively turns the idea that an EU exit would cause a stock market crash, the French living in Britain should leave and transfer their business activities elsewhere in the European Union, that they are all asking nationality to avoid visa applications. As I know, there are bilateral agreements with Britain, and it’s not because the vote would favor an EU exit that overnight, people should apply for a visa to cross the Handle. If the EU wants to apply restrictive measures vis-à-vis Great Britain regarding the economy and visas, then, is an EU decision, not a result of Friday’s vote.

The British press always takes a strong position, there is virtually no political neutrality in Britain. And since people usually always read the same newspaper, newspapers have interest to persist in their opinion. The surprise comes when such a journal as the Mail on Sunday , traditionally anti-Europe, suddenly takes position for Bremain. But that was the shock of the murder of Jo Cox

Alexandre. Hello Mr. Clarke, a statement of the queen by Thursday evening she is fully exclude?

the queen has no right to comment on a question if policy. His political speeches are always written by the government seat. But the The Sun has almost threatened the queen, saying that she must remain silent. Anyway, the queen does not need a passport and has no problem crossing the border so I do not know if this question really key

Vince.: Do you like Alex Adkins, that this idea of ​​Brexit is “a disgrace” and is completely unnecessary? After all, this referendum it really upset the British economy? The British know very well happen in Europe (or at least does not show that the UK is “eurodépendant”).

It’s pretty certain aspects of the campaign “Brexit” that are a disgrace. Instead of talking about the real issues, the political parties are in almost hysterical speech, waving one hand the threat of a world war if the fate of Europe, and on the other side, that of invasion if one remains

Laurent. in case of choice for the out, is that there is no risk of dislocation in the UK, in particular as regards Scotland who might prefer the European Union to the United Kingdom?

in any case, the Scots are just waiting for it to exit the UK and Welsh have found a new meaning to their independence by fighting football. We must see how the North to make the Euro the Irish to find out if there will be a UK after this tournament.

But seriously, the UK ends enjoy enormous EU grants, and if a “Brexit” they suspect that London will not redistribute the money for them, so they had better try to stay in the EU. This will again Celts against the Saxons

Julie. In your opinion, why the French are interested they much to what is happening in Britain

the French are always interested in what happens in Britain, and they are right because we make great music, great books and great cookies. It’s normal to be interested in what our neighbor, especially when, for centuries, it seems to do the exact opposite of what we do at home.

I think the French are fascinated by the fact that the English are so different from them, and the converse is true. We do not understand how a nation can sit at table in the evening for dinner instead of just taking a tray in front of the TV

Cathy. The English have they forgotten Churchill

No. David Cameron wanted to make it a little Churchill, the “brexiters” use much the British flag to remember the days of Churchill. But yes, they forgot his words after the war, which clearly said that we had a united Europe to ensure peace. That yes, the English have forgotten. Churchill himself was very pleased to see the French, Polish, Dutch and Czechs come to London to support Britain in the war

Hello. Beyond the shock, the murder of Jo Cox will it do you influence the votes?

it seems that yes, the murder of Jo Cox will likely push some people to vote, a bit in his memory. Others say that this murder shows that the xenophobic hysteria side of leave became too much, and they leave the camp “Brexit”. It’s sad for her, but it will perhaps save the European Union

JP. The government is obliged to follow the referendum


Thanks, I like short questions. In fact, it is not known since the EU’s output involves a very long negotiation that can last between two and ten years. Some in the campaign “Brexit” even say they’ll just use this vote even once renegotiate the terms of the accession of Britain to Europe. In fact, a vote for the “Brexit” does not necessarily mean the “Brexit”. This is symptomatic of the enormous confusion around this referendum

Christophe. Is it not surprising to see the Anglo-Saxon pragmatism yield to demagogy? Because, from a practical point of view, it is unclear the interest of Great Britain to leave the European Union – be it for the single market and the City. But it seems that the debate only addresses these points just …

This pragmatism is actually a good old legend. Even Churchill was known to cry at critical times. Besides, when Princess Diana died, there has been several months a national shortage of Kleenex. The hysterical tendency is very strong always in our press, and it’s no coincidence that we have invented hooliganism. It can be very emotional at surprising times. Besides, what excites many people the “Brexit” is the false idea as what Brussels wants to ban chips with smoked bacon (for details on this true story, see my book God Save the ? Brexit )

TOM:. part of the future of Europe does not she plays on the mistrust of citizens towards politics and not the European project?

the referendum on the “Brexit” is not necessarily a referendum on the “Brexit”. It’s also a way to annoy David Cameron. And there are plenty of people in Britain who like to do that, including in his own party. At the moment, France also, elections are often a way to give a slap to the political class. Also, when I went to Brussels to look for my novel, I asked the Brussels policy why they do not try to be more open to the public, instead of remaining as a closed caste, and a major problem with the EU is that the people of Brussels are disconnected from reality. They know it and some want to change the situation, but others too like their privileges to change anything

GeAbitbol. From the French point of view, this is the second referendum we follow after the one on the independence of Scotland. My question is this: the referendum organization he basically divides the population? If so, the “Brexit” is it a solution in itself?

I suspect the Brits want to mount a referendum organizing agency and respond to calls for Europe deals organize theirs, but I do not recommend to others to hire the British since I do not know if people focus well on the real questions: what Britain would accept to be part of a large European team that defends its place in the global economy? Does Britain want to welcome, as it has since the Second World War, immigrants who participate in the economy? Do we accept the authority of Brussels on aspects of our life together with our European neighbors? And finally: Do we want to finally have a chance to win the Euro

aC?. : Is there finally a real economic interest “Brexit” UK point of view, or is it exclusively a resurgence of nationalism, or, as you said of nostalgia for the British Empire?

You did very well answered your own question, I think. This gives me time to have a coffee, thank you. And thank you to all the French in London that teach English to make good coffee

Yatfrog. What is your prognosis for the vote, since most voters do no idea of ​​the political or economic change which would occur if the “Brexit” wins?

in fact, without being too arrogant, in any election, many voters do not know the true issues and do not know that their vote can give. This is partly related to the fact that all politicians will say anything to get elected, but also for obvious reasons. The common man does not have time to understand all the issues. With Europe, we must say that some media have not helped by a pure propaganda campaign, with false figures and arguments to scare voters in one direction or the other. Can not say what the outcome, since the polls are too tight. The large number of undecided will probably decide the outcome.


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