Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIRECT – Labour Law: instead of high security Bastille – Le Figaro

On BFM TV this morning, the secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez reaffirmed its intention to pursue actions against the labor law. “The next event will be held June 28 The law is still there, the project is still bad. There was no response,” he said, adding that he intended to “remind the Minister (Labour) so that we meet on our proposals. “

” We are determined. It is a question of general interest for employees. It must fundamentally change the spine of this text. We more and more attentive ears on this issue, “he said.

the head of the CGT has also swept the criticisms made of him on the violence accompanying events. “We are not complicit breakers. Our order services protect protesters. We strongly condemn these thugs. When there are such events, we no longer speak of the heart of the problem, the labor law. Our main problem c It is this labor law. ” he was keen to extinguish the controversy surrounding pictures of unionists throwing missiles at the event on 14 June: “The unions fought back late in the event there was firing tear gas on protesters there.. had a reaction, necessarily, “he says.

Eight organizations, including the CGT, FSU, Solidaires and the League of Human Rights, also demanded the opening of a parliamentary investigation into the “malfunctioning” of maintaining order and “the choices made by the Ministry of Interior” at previous events. “We must get to the bottom since there is a controversy and that we accuse. Why do these thugs are not apprehended? The police themselves say ‘it’s hard to have orders’. There is a coordination issue orders, “he said.


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